Record Winter Tourism Numbers Reported in Bansko

Bansko, Bulgaria's premier mountain resort, experienced a surge in winter tourism, with more than 190,000 visitors flocking to its slopes during the season. The influx of tourists from Bulgaria, neighboring Balkan countries, various European nations, and even the United States has bolstered the region's tourism sector, marking significant progress in its post-pandemic recovery.

According to a report by Bansko Municipality, spanning from the beginning of December to April 15, the resort welcomed tourists from diverse backgrounds, signaling a robust revival of international travel. Data reveals that the number of overnight stays surpassed 656,000, reflecting a substantial increase compared to previous winter seasons.

In comparison to the preceding winter, Bansko experienced a notable uptick of over 35,000 tourists and nearly 51,000 more overnight stays. Although the winter season of 2021-2022 boasted slightly higher tourist numbers, this year's figures already signify a promising rebound, with around 188,000 visitors.

Bulgarian tourists comprised the majority of visitors this winter, totaling 163,250, while Greek tourists accounted for over 20,000 visits. Additionally, Bansko attracted tourists from Romania, the UK, Israel, and various European countries, highlighting its global appeal.

Malin Bistrin, chairman of the Tourist Business Union of Bansko region, described the winter season as successful yet challenging, emphasizing the resilience of the tourism industry amidst adversities, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bistrin acknowledged the impact of political events and regional conflicts on key markets, such as Ukraine, Russia, and Israel, underscoring the need for adaptability in navigating volatile conditions.

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