10-15% Higher Prices: Bulgarians and Foreigners Brace for Increased Travel Costs as Holiday Season Approaches

As the May holidays mark the onset of sea tourism, Bulgarians and foreigners preparing for their annual getaways are facing a stark reality: trips this year will come with a heftier price tag, with expenses expected to surge by 10-15% compared to last year. Dimitrina Goranova, president of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators, shed light on this concerning trend in an interview with BNR.

Goranova highlighted the significance of destination choices during Orthodox Easter, noting that many Bulgarians prioritize locations where they can also celebrate the holiday. Unsurprisingly, Greece reigns supreme as the most preferred destination, thanks to its picturesque beaches and shared Orthodox Easter festivities. However, she pointed out a rising interest in destinations like Albania, which are steadily gaining traction in the market.

While Bulgaria remains a favored spot for Romanian tourists during Easter, Goranova underscored the need for resorts to adequately prepare for the influx of visitors. Despite hotels gearing up for the season, tourists often encounter unprepared resorts with closed facilities and inadequate cleanliness, detracting from the overall experience.

In addition to sea tourism, Bulgaria is witnessing a surge in cultural and circular tourism, attracting visitors from Germany, Great Britain, and Spain. However, Goranova cautioned that the cost of travel has seen a notable uptick of 10-15% compared to the previous year. Despite the rising expenses, Bulgarians have yet to show a significant decline in their travel plans, with the practice of early bookings making a comeback.

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