Vucevic: Gabon will not vote for Srebrenica resolution

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Monday Gabonese PM Raymond Ndonga Sima had informed him Gabon would not vote for a UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica.

Vucevic also thanked Gabon for its full support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia regarding Kosovo-Metohija.

"PM (Ndonga) Sima informed us his state will not vote for the proposed UN resolution on the so-called Srebrenica genocide, for which we are immeasurably grateful to them. We, of course, informed the PM and the Gabonese delegation of Serbia's position regarding that resolution, without underestimating or diminishing the war crime that happened there and without disputing the individual responsibility of anyone who might have been involved in the commission of those crimes," Vucevic told a press conference with Ndonga Sima at the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade after Serbia...

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