News archive of July 2020

"Richard Grenell remains committed to Belgrade-Pristina dialogue"

Shala sent a written explanation to the Pristina television Klan Kosova for the statement given in the show "Rubicon" on Thursday about the US Special Envoy Grenell, in response to different interpretations of the mentioned statement.

One of the Queen’s Bodyguards Has Been Arrested for Cocaine Possession

ONE of the Queen's elite bodyguards has been arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession.

Private Jack Prescott, 19, was said to have had nine bags of suspected Class A drugs among his possessions.

The Coldstream Guardsman was arrested on Tuesday by Royal Military Police, who searched his room and car at Wellington Barracks, near Buckingham Palace.

Bulgaria: Large Drug Lab in Yambol Discovered During a Police Operation

A large drug laboratory in Yambol was broken down during an operation by the prosecutor's office and the police. On three floors in the former building of "Toplofikatsiya - Yambol" was built a full cycle of cultivation, processing and packaging of marijuana.

Confidence building talks could resume in Ankara

In the wake of fever-pitch tensions between Athens and Ankara, Turkey's Defense Minister Hulusi Akar hinted that military meetings would be resumed in the Turkish capital in the near future to discuss confidence building measures (CBM) between the two countries

Sales not enough for retailers

About seven in every 10 enterprises (68%) recorded a decline in sales over the first couple of weeks of the summer sales window, compared with the same period last year, while just 8% reported an increase, according to a survey by the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE).

July sees improvement in economic sentiment

Greece's Economic Sentiment Indicator recorded a rise in July, according to data announced on Friday by the European Commission, rebounding to 90.8 points from 87.6 points in June.
At the same time the Employment Expectations Indicator continued to recover, reaching 103.7 points last month from 97.6 points in June.

ATHEX: Loss of 3.3% for bourse during July

The Greek stock market ended July with a monthly drop of 3.33% for the benchmark on the day that eurozone gross domestic product data showed a record decline over the second quarter of the year. Blue chips saw minor losses during the session and stocks were split down the middle between winners and losers.

Eurozone GDP crumbles
 but inflation looks promising

The eurozone's economy recorded its deepest contraction on record in the second quarter, preliminary estimates showed on Friday, while the bloc's inflation unexpectedly ticked up in July.

Wrong priorities

Greece is probably the only country that is constantly dealing with its pensioners. This single issue appears to be consuming the attention of the system - meaning the political class, the media, the judiciary (to a very large extent), unionists of all political hues, experts and pundits, thousands of agents in the public and private sectors and, of course, the pensioners themselves.

Financial strain, migrant issues fuel tension on Lesvos

Rumors that the government plans to rent hotels to house asylum seekers have renewed tension on the northern Aegean island of Lesvos, and particularly in the town of Molyvos, between hoteliers, locals, organizations and volunteers dealing with the refugees.