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Eurostat: Bulgaria’s Infant Mortality Rate Third-Highest in EU

Bulgaria had the third-highest infant mortality rate in the European Union in 2019, according to figures released on June 4 by EU statistics agency Eurostat.

The infant mortality rate is defined as the ratio of the number of deaths of children under one year of age to the number of live births in the reference year; the value is expressed per 1000 live births.

Access to digital identity eased to facilitate certificate launch

Ljubljana – In order to expand the use of digital Covid certificates once they enter into force, the government is expanding the number of points where residents will be able to get their digital identity, Public Administration Minister Boštjan Koritnik told the press on Thursday.

European Commission: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia Should Join Schengen

The European Commission unveiled a set of proposals on Wednesday aimed at improving the functioning of the Schengen free travel area, including a demand that EU member states expedite the admission of Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus.

BIRN Launches Database of Mass Graves from Yugoslav Wars

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN on June 3 launched the first comprehensive, interactive database of mass graves from the 1990s wars in the former Yugoslavia, giving an unprecedented insight into the largest operations to cover up war crimes in Europe since World War II.

Crossing Borders: In a Belgrade Café, Codes, Cash and a Cut for the State

According to five sources, as well as notes seen by BIRN written by an informant of Serbia's Military Intelligence Agency, VOA, who was allegedly also involved in smuggling, the Mesopotamia is the Serbian branch of a string of 'offices' or 'banks' along the route from the Middle East to Western Europe taken by refugees and migrants fleeing war, poverty and repression.

Online retailer Zalando launches platform in Slovenia

Ljubljana – Zalando, an e-commerce company offering fashion and lifestyle products, launched its new online platform in Slovenia today. Speaking at an online press conference, Zalando’s representative Lisa Miczaika said this was also an opportunity for Slovenian brands to sell their products across Europe via the platform.

Serbia Aims to Scrutinise Bosnia’s International Overseer

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that from now on, Belgrade wants to see regular reports from the High Representative, the official tasked with overseeing the implementation of the 1995 Dayton peace deal that ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Slovenia’s bathing waters among best in EU

Ljubljana – Slovenia is among the eleven EU member states where all bathing water sites, on the coast and inland, are suitable for bathing, a report on European bathing water quality for 2020 shows. The group also features Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Slovakia.

Independence War success a result of multiple factors

Ljubljana – The ten-day war for Slovenian independence started on 26 June 1991, after the country declared its independence. The defence against the Yugoslav People’s Army was the result of good preparation for armed combat, appropriate tactics, high military morale, home ground, and local support, according to historians.

Six months after independence, Slovenia recognised by number of countries

Ljubljana – The first countries recognised newly-independent Slovenia soon after it left Yugoslavia in June 1991, but most of them were brand new independent states themselves. A major wave followed in December and in January 1992, when Slovenia was also recognised by Germany, the Vatican and the EU’s predecessor – the European Community.

Ratko Mladic: Europe’s Most Wanted Faces Final Judgment

"A very, very dangerous man."

This is how the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte, described the fugitive she hunted for more than a decade in order to bring him for trial for the first genocide on European soil since the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Croatia Charges Ex-Fighter with Wartime Rape near Vukovar

Police announced on Monday that they have charged a 55-year-old Croatian citizen, who they did not name, with committing a war crime against a civilian.

According to the police, "a criminal investigation established a well-founded suspicion" that the suspect, who was "an armed member of paramilitary units", raped a female Croatian citizen.