Latest News from Croatia

Bulgaria: Second Lowest Debt Relative to GDP in the EU for 2023

Eurostat data indicates that Greece (161.9%), Italy (137.3%), France (110.6%), Spain (107.7%), and Belgium reported the highest public debt-to-GDP ratios among EU member states by the conclusion of 2023.

Serbian Interior Ministry: Deputy head of Pristina's police in 48-hour custody

BELGRADE - Dejan Jankovic, deputy head of the so-called Kosovo Police, who was on Wednesday detained alongside three other members of Pristina's police force, has been placed in 48-hour custody for necessary checks concerning the security of the Republic of Serbia and establishment of facts, the Serbian Interior Ministry told Tanjug on Thursday.

Croatian Ruling Party Triumphs in Elections, Tough Negotiations Ahead

In a widely expected outcome, Croatia's ruling conservative party, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), emerged victorious in the parliamentary elections. However, as forecasted by pre-election polls, the HDZ falls short of securing enough seats in the Assembly to form a government independently, setting the stage for challenging negotiations with populist factions.

Interior Ministry: Four "Kosovo Police" members detained, one held

BELGRADE - The Serbian Ministry of Interior confirmed to Tanjug on Thursday four members of the so-called Kosovo Police had been detained at a border crossing with Croatia on Wednesday and that one of them - a deputy director of Pristina's police - was being held by Serbian authorities.

The ministry said they had been detained for security checks at the Batrovci crossing.

Bulgaria's Political Landscape in 2023: Populist Parties Below 20% Support

In a recent release of the Authoritarian Populism Index 2024, Bulgaria emerges as a focal point for understanding the intricate interplay of political ideologies shaping Europe's landscape. Published by Timbro and EPICENTER, the index, presented in Bulgarian by the Institute for Market Economics, offers a comprehensive analysis spanning decades of electoral dynamics.

Milicevic: I cannot be banned from visiting Jasenovac privately

BELGRADE - Commenting on Zagreb's recent decision to ban him from visiting the Jasenovac memorial complex in Croatia, Serbian Minister without porfolio Djordje Milicevic said on Tuesday he could not be banned from going to the complex privately to lay flowers in a tribute to the victims of the WWII Jasenovac death camp, run by Croatia's Ustashas.

Vucic: As militarily neutral country, Serbia acting responsibly

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that, as a militarily neutral country, Serbia was acting responsibly and that it had never attacked anyone, and added that an announced purchase of French-made Rafale fighter jets was aimed at demonstrating that Serbia would be a "tough nut to crack" for anyone.

Greek Electricity Giant Acquires Bulgarian Solar Parks

The Greek national electricity company, PPC, has announced plans to acquire 500 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity in Bulgaria. This acquisition forms part of a broader project aimed at developing 90 installations with a combined capacity of up to 2,000 megawatts across Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.

Bulgaria Ranks Second in EU for Housing Price Growth: Eurostat Report

According to the European statistical office Eurostat, housing prices, measured by the House Price Index, increased by 0.2 % in the EU during the fourth quarter of 2023 compared to the same quarter of the previous year. However, in the euro area, they decreased by 1.1 %. This marks a continuation of the trend observed in the third quarter, where prices fell by 1.1 %and 2.2 %, respectively.

Ankara welcomes spring with music

The 38th International Ankara Music Festival, organized by the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, will be held between April 4 and 30.

European regulators close in on Big Tobacco’s new tea sticks

European governments are weighing the introduction of tougher rules on cigarette makers' new zero-tobacco heat sticks, moving to close the loopholes they were designed to exploit just months after their launch.

Serbia slide to 33rd place in FIFA world rankings

ZURICH - The Serbia men's national football team has slid by one position to the 33rd place in the latest FIFA world rankings following a recent defeat to Russia and a victory over Cyprus.

Argentina, France, Belgium, England, Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia make up the top ten.

European prices with Balkan purchasing power

Despite the increase in the minimum wage in 2023, Greece's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita expressed in purchasing power standards is 67% of the European average, according to Eurostat. 

This puts Greece in 26th place among the 27 member-states, with Bulgaria in last, where GDP per capita in purchasing power units was 64% of the European average.

Experts Assert: Euro Introduction in Bulgaria Won't Lead to Price Hikes

As Bulgaria steers towards adopting the euro, economists dispel concerns over potential price increases, assuring the public that the impact on inflation will be minimal. Renowned economists, including Petar Ganev and Preslav Raykov, have weighed in on the matter, emphasizing the stability and positive prospects associated with the currency transition.