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Bulgaria Latest Emerging European Country to Pull Out of UN Migration Deal

Bulgaria is the latest country refusing to sign the UN global migration agreement, following Hungary, Poland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic.

Although approved in July by all 193 UN members, except the US, several countries from Central and Eastern Europe are now stepping back.

Croatian Court Sets Million Euro Bail For Todoric

Zagreb County Court spokesman Kresimir Devcic said the court had decided that former Agrokor boss Ivica Todoric can avoid pre-trial jail by paying a hefty bail sum.

"The judges have altered the decision of the investigating judge regarding bail. They believe that, with appropriate precautions in place, bail can serve the same purpose as investigative detention," Devcic said.

Croatia Indicts Bosnian Serb for Manjaca Camp Abuses

Croatia’s state attorney charged a former Bosnian Serb Army officer with involvement in violence against prisoners of war detained at the Manjaca camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

Winter Tires are Mandatory from Today in Bulgaria

As of November 15, drivers should have changed tires to be adapted to winter conditions or their tread to be over 4 mm.

It will also check whether the headlamps are set correctly and that the windscreen wipers are in good condition.

If there is anything wrong, the fine would be BGN 50.

UN Pact on Migration Splits Balkan States

Several countries lining the so-called "Balkan route" will be joining the United States, Austria, and Hungary in opposing the planned international-level deal on easing migration.

Deloitte: Romania's gross minimum wage above CEE average, effective tax rate highest in region

Romania's gross minimum wage exceeds the Central and Eastern European average, but at the same time the country has the highest effective tax rate in the region, specifically 41.5 percent, shows a survey by Deloitte Romania.

The effective tax rate is the highest, at 41.5 percent, for a gross wage of 1,000 euro, whilst the region's average is 27 pct.

Bulgaria another country that wants out of UN migration pact

He added that this agreement would undermine Bulgarian national interests.

"The position of the Bulgarian government is not to join UN's global pact on migration," the deputy head of the GERB said after a meeting of coalition heads, Reuters reports. The agency says the juior coalition partner of GERB, the United Patrioty, strongly opposes the UN pact.

France puts Thaci close to Putin during WW1 ceremony scandal

In Serbia, many are today commenting on this decision of the organizer, some calling it scandalous, while the media also write about "only the alphabetic order" being important.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who was also present at the event, said that "the protocol certainly did not reflect the balance of power."

Croatian Activists Condemn Media Reporting On Migrants

More than 700 organisations, individuals, journalists and public figures in Croatia have signed an open letter on Thursday, criticising the media's "one-sided, simplified and ultimately dishonest and unfair reporting" about migrants and refugees.

Ivana Peric, editor of the H-alter website, one of the signatories, told BIRN that the media were overwhelmed by fake news about refugees.

Kosovo Customs Tariff Alarms Bosnia's Dairy Farmers

Bosnian foodstuff producers are worried after Kosovo imposed a 10-per-cent customs tariff on imports from Bosnia and Serbia this week, citing their hostility towards Kosovo.

The trade balance between the two countries is unequal; the value of Bosnian exports to Kosovo is about ten times larger than Kosovo's exports to Bosnia.

Agrokor Ex-Boss Todoric Extradited to Croatia

Ivica Todorovic, former owner of the hugely indebted food giant Agrokor, was extradited to Croatia from London on Wednesday evening.

Todoric was transferred to Croatia via a regular flight line of Croatia Airlines accompanied by plainclothes policemen. 

Vucic: Merkel requests meeting

"We received from the Office of the Chancellor that Merkel wants a bilateral meeting with me on Sunday morning. That speaks about the importance and the place of Serbia. People need to be proud and satisfied," the president said in a statement to the press.

He said he always wants to see Merkel and added that he believes that Europe will lose much when she leaves.