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United Media planning to expand to Slovenia with news portal

Ljubljana – United Media, the media division of United Group, plans to expand to the Slovenian market this year by setting up a news portal under the N1 brand, which is already active in the region.

The Luxembourg-based United Media has already opened the Adria News subsidiary in Ljubljana under which the N1 Slovenija web portal will operate.

Ceremonies Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day Across Balkans

Events were held in countries across the Balkans on Wednesday to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which commemorates the victims of the Nazi genocide during World War II on the day on which Soviet troops entered the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland in 1945.

Croatia Charges Ex-Prison Guards with Abusing Wartime Detainees

Croatian police said on Wednesday that they have charged four unnamed Croatian citizens with committing war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in Dalj, a village in eastern Croatia, some 20 kilometres from the wartime flashpoint town of Vukovar.

Croatian Journalist Revives Grandfather’s Memoirs of Nazi Captivity

"During the bombing, we did not [feel] comfortable in the wagons, but we all felt somehow happy because we knew that the destruction of some factory in Germany meant it was one day closer to the end of the war," a Croatian Czech called Franjo Zada said in the memoirs he wrote after World War II, recalling the events of mid-1944 when Allies bombed Munich.

EU approves more state aid to boost car batteries industry

The European Union has approved 2.9 billion euros in subsidies from 12 member countries for a second pan-European project to develop the electric battery industry and move away from its reliance on Asian imports.

Biathlete Fak third in World Cup mass start event in Italy

Anterselva – Slovenia’s Jakov Fak finished third in the men’s Biathlon World Cup mass start in Italy’s Anterselva on Sunday to announce good form ahead of the Biathlon World Championships, which will take place in Slovenia’s Pokljuka on 9-21 February.

Slovenian, Croatian FMs discuss economic zones in Adriatic Sea

Zagreb – The foreign ministers of Slovenia and Croatia, Anže Logar and Gordan Grlić Radman, assessed after their talks in Zagreb on Friday that they had managed to raise the Slovenian-Croatian relations to a higher level in the past ten months. The talks focussed on Croatia’s exclusive economic zone in the Adriatic Sea, and included the border arbitration.

Until further notice - without relaxation of measures; "Positive tendency..." VIDEO

All existing measures remain in force, it was decided at today's session of the Crisis Staff for combating coronavirus, epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovi said.
He said that the current improvement of the epidemiological situation should not deceive us to think that "we are in a controlled situation".

Legendary Ex-Yugoslav Actress Mira Furlan Dies at 65

One of the most famous actors in former Yugoslavia, Mira Furlan, has passed away at the age of 65, her friend the American writer and producer Joseph Michael Straczynski announced on Friday.

Croatia Upholds Soldier’s Conviction for ‘Medak Pocket’ War Crime

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it has confirmed the verdict sentencing former Croatian Army soldier Josip Mrsic to three years in prison for committing war crimes against civilians during 1993 'Medak Pocket' operation in southern Croatia.

FM Logar paying first official visit to Croatia on Friday

Ljubljana – Foreign Minister Anže Logar has announced that he will pay his first official visit to Croatia on Friday, with the topics of talks to include the intention by Croatia and Italy to declare exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia Charges 73-Year-Old Ex-Fighter with War Crime

Croatian police said on Tuesday that they have filed a criminal charge accusing an unnamed 73-year-old Croatian citizen of committing a war crime by killing a civilian in the village of Darda in eastern Croatia in March 1992.

Serbian Court Cuts Sentences for Wartime Killings of Croats

Belgrade Appeals Court has reduced the sentences handed down to six men who were convicted of involvement in a war crime against civilians in Lovas in Croatia in October 1991, and acquitted two others who had been found guilty at their initial trial.

"While we're struggling with two vaccines, they already have five on their disposal"

"The delay in the delivery of vaccines is becoming bigger, and a growing problem in all countries of the European Union. Countries that did not apply as EU members, pay larger sums, and logically, get more vaccines. So do our Serb neighbors. While we are struggling with two vaccines, they already have five available", the presenter said.

‘I Didn’t Ask’: Balkan Women Share Sexual Abuse Traumas

After several Serbian women actors launched a court case against the well-known acting teacher Miroslav "Mika" Aleksic, accusing him of raping several of his pupils, women from various former Yugoslav countries, mostly actors and artists, have started sharing their own experiences of abuse on social media, sending the message to each other that they are not alone.