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President calls for culture of dialogue on Culture Day

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor hosted the annual Culture Day event in Presidential Palace on Monday, receiving this year’s Prešeren Prize and Prešeren Fund Prize recipients. Pahor called for culture of dialogue. Author Feri Lainšček, one of the laureates, meanwhile highlighted the role Slovenian culture played in the country’s independence efforts.

Serbian Director Threatens US Lawsuit over WWII Film Review

Predrag 'Gaga' Antonijevic, director and producer of 'Dara of Jasenovac', Serbia's entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 2021 Oscars, which deals with crimes committed at the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia, said on Sunday that he intends to sue the Los Angeles Times for denying war crimes committed against Serbs at the WWII camp.

Marko Mušič, an architect inspired by architectural greats

Ljubljana – Marko Mušič, one of the most distinguished Slovenian architects, comes from a long line of architects. He will receive the Prešeren Prize for lifetime-achievement, the country’s top accolade for artistic accomplishments, after leaving a notable mark with his work in Slovenia and throughout the former Yugoslavia.

Yugoslav Army General Convicted of Spying for US

Belgrade Higher Court on Friday sentenced Momcilo Perisic, the former chief of staff of the Yugoslav Army and a former deputy prime minister of Serbia, to three years in prison time for passing state secrets to the United States in 2002.

Six Plead Not Guilty to Kosovo Serb Politician Ivanovic’s Murder

Six suspects accused of involvement in the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, the leader of the Freedom, Democracy, Justice party, was gunned down outside his office in January 2018, pleaded not guilty at Pristina Basic Court on Friday.

Croatia to Amend Post-Quake Reconstruction Law As Outcry Grows

More than a month after a powerful earthquake hit central Croatia, lawmakers on Friday will vote on amendments to the post-earthquake reconstruction law - amid complaints that the basic needs of many people in the affected areas have still not been met.

Abandoned Romanian Mansion Becomes ‘Base Camp’ for Afghans Heading West

"One month ago, they caught me trying to cross to Croatia on foot and sent me back to Serbia, from where I crossed to Romania," said one of the Afghans, who declined to give his name.

Speaking in a corridor strewn with rubbish, the man said he had been assaulted by Croatian police. Serbia and Romania, on the other hand, "are good," he told BIRN.

Slovenian biathletes to shoot for medals in Pokljuka

Ljubljana – The Biathlon World Championships 2021 starts next week in Slovenia’s Pokljuka in what will be the biggest winter sports event in the country so far. Slovenian biathletes have their eyes set on the medals, Janez Ožbolt of the Slovenian Ski Association said ahead of the tournament.

Slovenia and Croatia to launch bid to protect Istrian honey

Ljubljana – The Slovenian Agriculture Ministry has temporarily protected Istrian honey under the Slovenian-Croatian brand Istrski med/Istarski med at the national level using a protected designation of origin, as Slovenia and Croatia have decided to submit a joint application to the European Commission to register the honey.

Three suspects in big cocaine haul remanded in Thessaloniki

The three foreign nationals (two Albanians and one Croatian) who were arrested on Friday in connection with 324 kilos of cocaine that was confiscated during a police operation in the center of Thessaloniki were remanded in pre-trial detention on Tuesday.

Croats frustrated, Serbs delighted

Referring to the data from the "Our World in Data" page, the portal adds that Croatia is at the bottom.
By Monday, 58.077 people had been vaccinated in Croatia, according to a government tweet, while in Serbia the number was almost ten times higher.

In Serbia, more than 1.700 people were infected and 18 died

10.471 people were tested for coronavirus.
There are 145 patients on respirators.
The total number of tested persons so far is 2.627.944, while the total number of registered cases of coronavirus infection is 397.002.
A total of 4.038 patients died.


Croatia Slams MEPs’ Visit to Bosnia Border as Provocation

Croatia's Interior Minister, Davor Bozinovic, condemned a failed visit by a group of Italian MEPs to the Croatia-Bosnia border as having "the obvious intention to damage Croatia's reputation".