Latest News from Croatia

European Court Orders Croatia to Compensate Daughters of Killed Serb

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled on Thursday that Croatia must pay 5,000 euros in compensation because five Serb women whose father was killed during the Croatian Army's Operation Storm in 1995 were unlawfuly made to pay court costs in a civil case they launched against the state in the domestic courts.

Encrypted Phone Crack No Silver Bullet against Balkan Crime Gangs

When a French and Dutch-led police operation cracked the code to Sky ECC in February 2021, investigators gained access to a treasure trove of real-time evidence against a host of international crime gangs. 

Thousands of people have been arrested around the world based on the Sky ECC takedown; in the Balkans, Saric is the biggest, but he is far from alone.

One killed, several injured as 5.7 quake shakes Bosnia

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake rocked southern Bosnia late on April 22, killing one person and injuring several others, local media reports said.

A 28-year-old woman who was injured when a rock fell on her house in the town of Stolac, near Mostar, died in hospital, a medical source quoted by media said. Several others were lightly injured, including members of the victim's family.

Memorial for WWII Concentration Camp Victims Unveiled in Belgrade

Aleksandar Vucic inaugurated the new plaque on Thursday near the banks of the River Sava, close to the location of the Staro Sajmiste (Old Trade Fair) concentration camp, which operated during World War II.

Dubrovnik cat eviction sparks storm

Thousands of people have signed a petition against the eviction of a 17-year-old stray cat from its home outside a historic palace in Croatia's tourist hotspot, Dubrovnik.

Anastasia spends her days in front of the 14th-century Rector's Palace in the Old City and is a favorite with locals and tourists.

Bulgaria: We are waiting for over 1.5 million more Foreign Tourists this year

"Compared to last year, more than 1.5 million more foreigners are expected to visit Bulgaria", Rumen Draganov, director of the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in Tourism, told BNR. He added that "there is about 100% plus increase" of Bulgarians traveling abroad.

BIRN Offers Grants to Explore War Crimes Archives

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has launched a call for proposals for small projects by journalists, artists, historians and civil society activists covering topics related to the archives of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and domestic courts in former Yugoslav countries that dealt with war crimes cases.

For Victims of Croatia’s ‘Lora’ Prison, Justice Proves Elusive

April 6 brought another milestone in one of the longest-running war crimes processes in Croatia, when the County Court in the coastal city of Split sentenced two men to prison for war crimes against mainly Serb detainees at the city's 'Lora' military prison during the 1991-95 Croatian war.

Ninth lynx from Romania arrives in Slovenia

Ilirska Bistrica – An adult male lynx arrived from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to the Snežnik plateau on Friday and is adjusting to the new environment in an enclosure. It is the ninth lynx to have arrived from Romania, said partners to the LIFE Lynx project, striving to preserve the Dinaric-Alpine lynx population.

Former Lora Camp Inmates Denounce ‘Scandalous’ Court Verdicts

Former inmates of the notorious Lora prison camp near Split, Croatia, condemned the Split Court verdict that sentenced the former prison commander and one of the guards only for crimes committed in a couple of months in 1992.

Turkey reshuffles around two dozen of ambassadors

Turkey has reshuffled dozens of ambassadors, including Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran, who has been appointed as Turkey's ambassador to Zagreb.