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Plenković confident Slovenia-Croatia border issue solvable this term

Bled – Arriving at the Bled Strategic Forum on Wednesday, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković lauded Slovenia and Croatia for bringing their relationship into a very good phase through a mature approach. He said the bilateral border issue could be tackled this government term.

As of Today, New Rules for Entering Bulgaria Come into Force

With the growing number of newly infected and the changing measures in Bulgaria, by order of the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, new COVID rules for entry into the country will apply.

Vučić arrived in Slovenia; "Bled Forum in the shadow of the Open Balkans" PHOTO

He will be the only politician from the region to speak at a panel dedicated to the future of Europe, together with the leaders of the European Union.
However, before participating in the forum, he met with Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev, and he shared that on his Instagram profile.
"Bled Forum in the shadow of the Open Balkans! Welcome dear friends," Vucic wrote.

Milanovic: You wouldn't believe it

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that the Dayton Agreement, whose guarantors are Croatia and Serbia, did not fail, but, he pointed out, it was not respected.

Long delays at border crossings with Croatia and Austria

Ljubljana – During the last summer school break weekend this year, traffic has been dense so far at Slovenia’s border crossings with Croatia and Austria as well as on certain motorways and the Ljubljana ring road. A tailback as long as some 10 kilometres has formed on the Slovenian side of the Karawanks tunnel towards Austria.

Slovenia must allow deported Cameroonian to return, Dnevnik reports

Ljubljana – The Supreme Court has ruled that Slovenia must allow a Cameroonian asylum seeker who was deported from Slovenia twice to enter the country and request asylum status in what is a landmark decision. The Cameroonian is currently in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The court’s decision is final and no appeals are possible, the daily Dnevnik reported on Saturday.

New Requirements for Entering Bulgaria from September 1

As of Wednesday, September 1, foreign students holding a type "D" visa for long-term residence for study purposes are admitted to the territory of Bulgaria from countries falling into the red zone. This was ordered by the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov with his order issued today.

Croatia’s Jasenovac Concentration Camp: The Victims Deserve the Truth

Several times a week, the Memorial Centre at Donja Gradina - the place where prisoners in the Ustasa-run Jasenovac-Stara Gradiska concentration camp complex in Croatia were brought every day to be liquidated - publishes posts on Twitter commemorating the lives of the camp's victims.

Milanovic: I will not back down, I am asking Serbia...

"I don't intend to back down on that. We can't ask for war compensation from Serbia, but there are human souls, not bodies. They have that information and they will have to give it to us. We need to focus on the essentials, and those are missing persons. The team in Belgrade can give us the requested information if they want", Milanovic said in Kijevo, a place in Sibenik-Knin County.

First Moldovan Club Qualifies for Champions League Group Stage

Moldovan football club Sheriff Tiraspol went through to the UEFA Champions League group stage after a goalless draw on Wednesday evening in the second leg of their tie against Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. In the previous game in Tiraspol, Sheriff won 3-0.

Lynx released into the wild in Gorenjska welcome first kittens

Ljubljana – Efforts to rejuvenate the lynx population in the north-western Gorenjska region have proved successful as the first kittens have been born after five lynx were released into the wild there under the Life Lynx project. This comes after a successful rejuvenation of the lynx population in the south of the country.