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Week in Review: Old Influencers and New Influences

Buying Influence

China's presence in the Balkans may be nothing new, but the massive increase in its investment in the region is something worth taking note of, as Visar Xhambazi points out in his comment for Balkan Insight. In the simplest of terms, he argues that China has been using its money to increase its influence in the region.

Roma Face Brunt of Western Balkans Demographic Crisis

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe.

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Vucic: These are tough and painful messages for us

He said that these are regarded as "painful messages", such as the assessment of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic that the protests were "insane" and, for example, that there would be "some Orthodox church" set up in Montenegro.

Montenegro Detains Activist for Predicting ‘War’ on Facebook

Montenegro's state prosecution on Tuesday ordered civic activist Vesko Pejak to be put into custody for 72 hours for causing panic and disorder over a Facebook post predicting "war in Montenegro" - and for claiming that officials were provoking citizens who opposed the recently adopted law on religion.

Tensions Flare as Bosnian Serb Accuses Fellow Ex-Fighters of Massacre

Mico Jovicic, a wartime volunteer fighter for Bosnian Serb forces, told Belgrade Higher Court that all five defendants on trial for the kidnapping and killing of 20 passengers from a train at Strpci station in Bosnia and Herzegovina were at the crime scenes when the offences were committed.

Stefanovic: Vucic to meet Djukanovic soon, the attack might be ethnically motivated

According to him, this is in order to protect the Serbian people in that country and to calm tensions.
Stefanovic told RTS, after Vucic held an emergency meeting with security officials last night due to the deterioration of the situation in the region, there was work to be done to restore peace and reduce tensions.

"There can be neither Great Serbia nor Great Albania, it can only be great tragedy"

"Don't allow your religious freedom to be abused the way it is being abused these days in Montenegro, and it is being abused to bring down Montenegro", President of Montenegro and the Socialist Democratic Party said Monday at a session of the municipal committee of that party in Tivat.

China Buying Balkans Influence, Competing with West

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the "Belt and Road Initiative" in 2013 as a $900 billion global project that would attempt to connect international trade routes.

Croatia Confirms Pilot’s Death in Military Helicopter Crash

The Croatian Defence Ministry said on Monday that a military helicopter had crashed into the Adriatic Sea that morning, killing the pilot.

It said the air force OH-58 D Kiowa helicopter crashed between the island of Zlarin and the coastal town of Zablace near Sibenik. The pilot was confirmed dead while the search for the second crew member was ongoing.

Church Protests in Montenegro – Key Facts

How and why did the protests begin?

Protest rally in Podgorica, Montenegro, 2019. Photo: EPA-EFE/BORIS PEJOVIC

Large-scale protests, as well as some road blocks, began after the Montenegrin parliament adopted the law on December 27, 2019.

Montenegro Police Detain Pro-Russian Columnist Over Facebook Row

Police in Montenegro on Friday detained a well known pro-Russian journalist, Igor Damjanovic, over his conversation on Facebook with another person who then filed a case against him.

But Damjanovic, who writes for the Russian media in the region, claims the police did not take him into custody over his Facebook jibes at a Facebook account holder called Alija Djukic.

Corruption Fight Faltering in Balkans, Central Europe, Transparency Says

Both declined from last year, when Bosnia was ranked in 89th place, with 38 points, and North Macedonia came in 93rd place, with 37 points.

Bosnia shares its 106th place with Albania, which also declined in the rankings. It came in 99th place last year.

Church Cancels Protest Walk in Montenegro’s Old Capital

A Serbian Orthodox Church protest in Montenegro against the newly adopted law on religion, due to take place in Cetinje on Thursday night, has been canceled over security concerns. The Church has since announced that it is shifting the event from a protest walk in the town to an event inside the local monastery.