Latest News from Montenegro

US blocks Israel's attempt to sell warplanes to Croatia?

Croatian website Index is reporting this, citing Barak Ravid's article published by Axios, who said this "practically killed" the USD 500 million arms deal.

Ravid - who was the first to report several weeks ago that US-Israeli talks on this issue had stalled - is now citing a high ranking Israeli official involved in the negotiations.

Dacic "wishes we never had common state with Montenegro"

First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic stated this, adding that it was also ridiculous to say that Montenegro was "not making anti-Serb decisions, but those its own interest."

"I suppose Djukanovic means Montenegrin interests, which is nice - because Serbia is also making decisions in its own interest," Dacic told Podgorica-based daily Dan.

Vucic: Blatant lie, nobody asked us to get involved in RS

"This is about a blatant lie. Nobody asked that of us, nor do we get involved in the internal affairs of BiH," the Serbian president said, adding:

"I'm wondering how this occurred to somebody. We are following the events in Banja Luka, we want everything to end peacefully. That's all I can say, everything else would be interfering."

Report: Montenegro to expel monks and priests

Along with members of their families, this concerns about fifty citizens who work in that country.

The newspaper is reporting that under the guise of regulations on registration of residence, Podgorica is closing the door to Serbian citizens who, according to Montenegro's laws, do not fulfill the conditions to live and perform religious services there.

IT market in Serbia grows by 8 percent in 2018

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia Tatjana Matic announced this on Monday, Beta reported.

The Ministry said that it expected the market for IT services to grow the most by around 13.5 percent, followed by the market for package software which will grow an estimated 10.4 percent and the market for delivering IT equipment by 2.6 percent.

"Albanian mafia laundered 1.5 billion euros in Serbia"

The tabloid's interlocutors assessed that the Albanian mafia in this way "became perhaps the biggest player in an elaborate scheme of laundering money gained through crime - mostly drugs and arms trafficking."

5 dead, including 2 children, as train collides with bus

The accident happened in Donje Mudjurovo, near Nis, in southern Serbia.

Two of those who have been injured are in a serious condition, Prva TV reported.

(Photo: Ljiljana Pavlovic, TV Prva)

According to Police Director Vladimir Rebic, the driver of the bus most likely caused the accident. An investigation is under way.

Russia "to target US missiles deployed in Europe"

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this late on Thursday.

Peskov was asked to comment on Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement about the possibility of a nuclear war following the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, TASS reported.

Montenegro: University head alters grandfather's grave

According to the chronicler of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral Jovan Markus, Nikolic did this to remove the epitaph that referred to his grandfather as a Serb hero.

Markus told Srna news agency that the grave of officer Stanisa Nikolic, who had been awarded the Obilic Medal, is located near a church in Ozrinic, close to the town of Niksic, daily Blic is reporting.

"US wants Kosovo agreement to be signed like Israel-Egypt"

Serbia's First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told this to Prva TV in Belgrade on Friday.

Dacic added that everything that has been happening lately shows the solution will not be reached quickly.

Protesters have demands for public broadcaster

Protesters have sent their demands to Serbia's public broadcaster RTS.

According to the organizer's announcement, "Radio Television Serbia (RTS) should be a public service for all citizens, instead, it is an accomplice in concealing the truth and creating a parallel, false reality that Aleksandar Vucic has been creating for six years."

Greek prime minister visiting Serbia

Following the meeting of two officials in the Palace of Serbia, the second session of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and Greece will be held in their presence.

After that session, Vucic and Tsipras will address the media, the president's press service has announced.

Germany Steps Up Efforts on Balkan Firearms Control

A joint initiative by Germany and France to address illicit firearms trafficking has moved the issue of controlling the illegal trade in small arms from the Western Balkans up the political agenda, the German Federal Foreign Office told BIRN.