Latest News from Montenegro

"Vucic stole the vaccine-diplomacy show"

It is explained how President Vui came to the center of attention in a specific "vaccine diplomacy".
Eleven days after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, TV audiences in Serbia were treated to an extraordinary sight.

The Party’s Back: Balkan Summer Festivals Return

In a mood of eager anticipation, in early June 2021 the Albanian seaside town of Shengjin opened its doors to locals and international visitors alike for the Unum Festival, the first big-scale event held in the region since March 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdown started. The festival hosted 50 international and local music acts over five days.

Montenegro Mulls Banning Tobacco Storage in Bar to Counter Smuggling

Port of Bar in Montenegro. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"Our international partners' reports have expressed concern over the large volume of illegal transit and illegal placing on the market of tobacco products on the territory of Montenegro. They also emphasize that activities in the Port of Bar indicate the existence of security risks," the government said.

Bosnia Needs Real Electoral Reform, Not More Segregation

The Sejdic-Finci decision, which concerns the inability of Bosnian citizens who are not part of the constitutive triad (i.e. Bosniaks, Serbs, or Croats) to be elected to the sate presidency, has remained unimplemented for more than a decade - during which time two general elections have taken place in Bosnia.

Western Balkans Roaming Charges End – With Internet Use Warning

Starting from Thursday, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo are dropping all roaming charges.

This means that citizens of these countries can make phone calls and send messages across the Western Balkan region without restrictions, paying the same prices as if they are in their home country.

Kosovo Detains Montenegrin for Singing Serb Nationalist Songs

Serbs celebrate Vidovdan at a monument in Gazimestan in Kosovo. Photo: EPA-EFE/VALDRIN XHEMAJ.

The Kosovo prosecution accuses Jovanovic of the criminal offence of "inciting discord and intolerance".

German police, money laundering, Milo Djukanovic, a lawyer and a dead witness

As Blic writes, it is about the GPS company from Podgorica, which at the end of last year was discovered to have laundered dirty money acquired through super-fraud through phantom call centers in Belgrade. The Montenegrin media connect that company with Milo Djukanovi, the President of Montenegro, all through the controversial Belgrade lawyer Marko Vujoevi.

Speaker advocates accelerating enlargement process in Brussels

Brussels – National Assembly Speaker Igor Zorčič said Slovenia would seek to accelerate the enlargement process during its EU presidency as he took part in the summit between the European Parliament and parliamentary speakers from the Western Balkans in Brussels on Monday, which noted the role of parliaments in the enlargement process.

A strong earthquake hit Montenegro; For from Herceg Novi: "We didn't sleep"

Many citizens felt the earthquake, and some woke up.
Herceg Novi confirmed to that there was a stronger earthquake.
"Houses and beds were shaking, people were really scared, we literally haven't slept since then, I haven't experienced such a strong earthquake," said the interlocutor.

EU Enlargement is a Strategic and Shared Interest

After successfully enlarging to the south and to the east, the EU is in the process of integrating the Western Balkans, located at the very heart of our continent.

Romania updates list of countries in COVID-19 red, yellow, green areas

Romania's National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) updated on Friday its list of countries or areas with high COVID-19 epidemiological risk. "The classification of the countries/areas by the cumulative rate of COVID-19 cases in order to sort the persons arriving in Romania accordingly and subject them to quarantine is hereby approved," reads CNSU Decision 39.

Dacic: What if Serbia passes a resolution in which genocide is what Njegos describes?

Asked if he is afraid of the frozen conflict, especially since the Kosovo Security Forces are arming the West, Ivica Dacic answered: "We have openly warned that any change in the situation on the ground by force means that the signed agreements are no longer valid, Serbia will not allow military conquest of the North. It is clear to everyone what that means.

"I've received assurances, we will not be in the package (with Serbia)"

Zdravko Krivokapic said that he had received clear assurances from all participants in yesterday's Intergovernmental Conference that they would support Montenegro so that it could meet the provisional criteria for Chapters 23 and 24 and become the first member of the European family to cherish true values of justice, stability, peace and democracy, Podgorica media report.