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Vucic: The Montenegrin Prime Minister is telling notorious lies

He added that Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic had been notoriously untruthful about the event, as well as when he said that Montenegro's independence was threatened.
Vucic also said that Montenegro does not have to protect its independence, because it is not threaten by anyone, but also that it cannot take Serbian holy places.

Cheaper Roaming in the Balkans

When will the change take effect?

Calls between the Western Balkan countries are expected to become cheaper in 2020. Roaming prices are expected to decrease by between 9% and 35% in January.

The agreement is part of the Western Balkans Program proposed during the Bulgarian Presidency.

Russia's reactions to the recent developments in Montenegro

The Russian Ministry said that "the unity and solidarity of the Orthodox world, as well as the preservation of its centuries-old foundations, are crucial for ensuring the normal development of society."

Montenegro Opposition Leader Urges More Protests Over Religion Law

Knezevic, a fierce critic of the three-decade-long rule of Djukanovic, was one of two Front leaders, along with Andrija Mandic, convicted in the first-instance ruling of involvement in a failed coup in 2016, which the authorities claim originated in Russia. They have appealed their sentences. 

"I hope no one has an idea to try to take over Ostrog" VIDEO

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated this today, adding that unity of the Serbs, wherever they live, is crucial.
"I hope this is not anyone's idea," Vucic said, responding to a reporter's question whether he sees a way out of the crisis in Montenegro, since it is obvious that both sides are determined to persevere.

Montenegro Fails to Launch Any War Crimes Cases in 2019

Some former and current politicians had roles in wartime events that most would like to keep under the carpet. As part of Yugoslavia, Montenegro took part directly in the wars in Croatia and Bosnia under the leadership of Slobodan Milosevic.

Serbian Church Expels Montenegro Govt Officials and MPs

The Episcopal Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro on Sunday expelled Montenegrin government representatives and MPs after the Freedom of Religion Law was passed despite unrest in parliament last week.

The church urged government officials to start a dialogue before the law becomes a source of serious social divisions with unprecedented consequences.

Red Star basketball players left plane for Podgorica

Red Star basketball players have been notified to leave the plane shortly before taking off for a regional league match against Montenegro's Basketball Club Buducnost.
Buducnost basketball players were to play with the Red Star in Podgorica today in the 13th round of the ABA League.

Politics and Power Lurk Behind Montenegro Church Dispute

Behind words about faith, nation, and freedom often hide naked political interests and a fight for dominance in society. The ongoing feud reminds us again of how questions regarding Church and faith are so intertwined with politics and power.

Hand in glove

"A main prerequisite is to preserve peace and stability in the region" VIDEO

"Main condition for fulfilling this is to preserve peace and stability in the region," President Vucic said.
"A few days ago, we were attacked by some politicians from Bosnia-Herzegovina for the National Defense Strategy. Yesterday, Dodik attacked us and said, 'Why are you mentioning Bosnia and Herzegovina?' We just respect the Dayton Agreement", President explained.

MPs of Democratic Front start hunger strike, Vucic: "Serbia will support its people"

The prosecution had previously assigned the same measure to another MP of Democratic Front (DF), Milun Zogovic.
DNP leader Milan Knezevic is currently at the hearing, Podgorica based "Vijesti" reported. Mandic and Knezevic were arrested last night on suspicion of committing criminal offense of preventing an official from performing his official duties.

Montenegro Opposition MPs Charged Over Chaos in Parliament

Three pro-Serbian opposition deputies, Andrija Mandic, Milan Knezevic and Milun Zogovic, were brought before prosecutors in Montenegro on Friday to be charged over an incident in the country's parliament before a vote on the new law on religion.

Complete chaos: Law passed, MPs rushing to fight, bottles flying PHOTO / VIDEO

Democratic Front MPs caused an incident in an effort to prevent the law from being passed. They ran into fights with members of the ruling coalition, chased them with bottles, glasses, tossed their microphones and tried to throw a kind of smoke bomb into the plenary.