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"Coup in Montenegro; They said that Abazovic was a thug"

We had a coup, the government and the president of the Assembly were changed by the votes of URA, we have the return of Djukanovic and the revitalization of that party. In the historical betrayal of the century, Abazovic voted with people who said he was a bastard", Milacic told TV Prva.

Montenegrin Parliament Sacks Speaker, Ruling Blocs Call for Protests

Parliament speaker Aleksa Becic (left) at a session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

Meanwhile, the other two blocs in government announced protests if a new government is formed with the opposition Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS.

Crisis in Montenegro; "Everyone to protest" VIDEO

The initiative was signed by 38 opposition MPs led by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).
As previously announced, the Civic Movement URA will decide before the beginning of the Assembly session whether it will vote for the dismissal of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Political crisis in Montenegro; Police on the streets

On the two extraordinary sessions, MPs will decide separately, first on shortening the mandate of the parliament, which was proposed by the government, and then on distrust in the current executive power, which was initiated by the opposition and Dritan Abazovic's 'In Black and White' coalition.

Central European, Balkan, Athletes Dream of Glory in Beijing

With the winter Olympics in Beijing around the corner, athletes have already flown to the Chinese capital where they will compete under the five interlaced rings, symbol of the International Olympic Committee.

Russia Bans Montenegro Official in Dispute Over Fugitive Billionaire

Montenegro Interior Ministry official Zoran Miljanic at a press conference. Photo. Government of Montenegro

The Russian ministry sent a note to the embassy of Montenegro in Moscow, saying that entry was prohibited to the State Secretary of the Montenegrin Interior Ministry.

Montenegrins committed crimes against Serbs?

An investigation is underway. This information was confirmed for the RTCG web portal in response to questions about allegations that some Montenegrin citizens participated in the crime against Serbs in ajnie.

Krivokapic removes Abazovic from another position

This is the function from the position of the president of the National Council for combating High Corruption.
Given that Krivokapi is supported by the majority of ministers in the Government, it is realistic to expect that this proposal will be voted on at today's Government session.

Pressure Rises Within Montenegro’s Crumbling Govt for Early Polls

Montenegrin parliament session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

One of the Democratic Front leaders, Andrija Mandic, on Thursday said the current crisis should be solved within the ruling majority, warning that the opposition and former ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, shouldn't be allowed back into control.