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CNSU updates list of high epidemiological risk countries; exceptions to quarantine for foreign artists, athletes

On Thursday, the National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) approved the list classifying states and areas depending on the cumulative incidence rate of COVID-19, with Turkey, Montenegro, the States United States, Israel, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and St. Maarten entering the red zone. At the same time, according to CNSU Decision no.

Ultimatum to Krivokapic

As Prime Minister of Montenegro pointed out, serious preparations are needed for the census to happen.

Most Balkan Countries Cheer Olympic Medal Scores

Several countries in the Balkans improved their Olympic scores or achieved even more notable successes at the Tokyo Games, with athletes responsible for the medals taking the centre stage in national celebrations.

Turkey ratifies agreements with 5 countries

Turkey has ratified agreements with five countries in various fields such as economics, trade, and transportation, according to the country's Official Gazette.


The agreements with Hungary, Burkina Faso, Uzbekistan, China, and Montenegro are detailed in the gazette published on Aug. 7.

"No need for the Serbian world" Abazovic says

Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic said that he expected that relations between Belgrade and Podgorica would improve after Serbia helped Montenegro with vaccines, but such scenario did not happen due to some political events in Montenegro that caused much more attention in Serbia, for no good reason.

Western Balkans Make Progress towards Visa Libralisation

Western Balkan countries, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine continue to meet the visa liberalisation requirements and made progress in addressing last year's recommendations. That is the conclusion of the 4th report on the monitoring of the EU visa-free regime with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Montenegro Data Protection Agency Voices Concern Over COVID-19 Measures

Waiters with protective masks in front of a cafe in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

He said he feared unauthorized persons could get insight into citizens' personal data, and called on the Health Ministry to be more precise about its new health measures.

Project SI4CARE addresses distance caregiving for elderly

Ljubljana – The SI4CARE European Social Innovation Project, initiated by researchers from Slovenia, aims to improve the process of providing long-distance caregiving for older people. They note that it is important to identify the services and technologies that are available and the demand for them.

Mighty Serbia defeated Montenegro and chose Italy for the next rival!

The Olympic champion inflicted a heavy defeat on one of the medal candidates and chose third place in the group with a score of 3-2.
Therefore, Serbia scheduled a classic with Italy in the quarterfinals of the tournament. A clash of Olympic and world champions for a real spectacle!

Call to Lynch: The War of Words Threatening Montenegro’s Delicate Balance

Jovanovic was sentenced in late April in the first instance to a year in prison for inciting ethnic hatred; Nilevic has been charged with the same.

On opposing sides of an ideological divide, Jovanovic and Nilevic are part of an alarming war of words playing out on social media in Montenegro, a war that took off in 2019 but has intensified since an earthquake election last year.

Montenegro Investigated Belivuk Crime Gang, Katnic Insists

Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic on the press conference. Photo: PR Centar

During a parliamentary session, Katnic responded to allegations that the criminal group had enjoyed the support of former officials in Montenegro before the change of government there.

Balkan ‘Mini-Schengen’ Leaders Eye Open Borders by 2023

North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania aim to practically scrap all border obstacles for their citizens and businesses by 2023, eliminating long and tedious waits for travellers and complicated paperwork for companies.