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Radovan Karadzic Leaves a Legacy of Cruelty

That he was also a common crook who served 11 months in prison for fraud in 1984 was not part of this carefully crafted public persona.

World Happiness Report: Bulgaria is Ranked 97th in the World

Bulgaria is ranked 97th in the world in happiness between Cameroon and Ghana, being more unhappy than almost all Balkan countries, according to World Happiness Report 2019, quoted by

Many foreigners who visit our country mark a very repulsive trait in the Bulgarians - always complaining about everything and its pessimism.

Crowded with Cruise Ships, Fears for Montenegrin Bay

Dusan Varda recalls strolling through the Old City of Kotor one late-autumn evening last year.

"There was almost no one but waiters in smoothly ironed uniforms in empty, now mainly luxurious restaurants - this is now the typical image of Kotor in the off-season," he said, lamenting what has become of this walled city and its Venetian palaces in Montenegro's fjord-like Bay of Kotor.

Reports: Another Serb gunned down in Johannesburg

His identity has not been revealed, but Belgrade-based Vecernje Novosti daily writes on Tuesday, citing unofficial information, that the man was originally from Belgrade.

Montenegro Protesters Keep Up Demands for Djukanovic’s Resignation

Opponents of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic protested again in the capital on Saturday, accusing the country's long-time leader of presiding over poverty, a loss of human rights and media freedoms and corruption.

Smooth draw for Greece in Basketball World Cup

Greece got a smooth draw for the first group stage of the 2019 Basketball World Cup in China on Saturday, and will likely meet Team USA in the second group stage, which means it will avoid it at least in the first knock-out round.

The Greek national team was one of the eight seeded and will play in Group F with Brazil, Montenegro and New Zealand, in the city of Nanjing.

Businessman to file criminal complaint against Djukanovic

Knezevic, a wanted man in Montenegro for alleged financial misconduct, said he would file a criminal complaint on Thursday against Djukanovic, who is also the leader of the most influential party, the ruling DPS.

Radovan Karadzic: Psychiatrist-Poet Who Led Bosnian Serbs to War

However he was acquitted of committing genocide in several other Bosnian municipalities in 1992.

Karadzic appealed against the verdict, insisting that there was "no evidence for the accusations concerning the intention to implement ethnic cleansing".

Women March for Rights Across the Balkans

Women in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Romania held protest rallies on International Women's Day on March 8, to draw attention to the plight of women in their countries, where traditional patriarchal values remain prevalent.

Pavlopoulos addresses Greece’s ties to Balkans, Turkey

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos while on an official visit to Montenegro outlined Greece's views on ties with its Balkan neighbours and Ankara and reiterated that Athens steadfastly supports and promotes the EU course of the Western Balkans.

Hahn: Name deal could have ‘domino effect’ in the region

Johannes Hahn, the EU commissioner responsible for relations with countries that aspire to join the bloc," has expressed the hope that the recent name deal between Greece and North Macedonia, could have a "domino effect" in the Balkan peninsula.

A Lake’s Fish Stocks Fall, and Montenegro Blames Albania

Dzelal Hodzic fondly remembers the biggest catch of his life.

"You could feel it by the noise," said the veteran Montenegrin fisherman. "It was night, and they just said 'lift!' It took us from morning until the following night to get it out. We didn't know what to do with that much fish."

FM: How small should Serbia be, not to be great?

"The problem is that an anti-Serb atmosphere is being created and that incidents do not happen only in election campaigns. This is the manner in which this set in Croatia rules," said Dacic told Prva TV.