U.S. Ambassador: "Rest assured that we exert pressure on Pristina"

"We are following the situation in North Mitrovica very carefully. I have seen the statements of President Vui, Prime Minister Brnabi, Petar Petkovi, I am in contact with colleagues in Pritina, Quint's ambassadors here in Belgrade. Rest assured that we put strong pressure on Pritina and expect people to take responsibility for the actions", Godfrey said.
Asked whether they were surprised by the action of the Kosovo police and whether he thinks that such moves prevent any progress in the process of normalization of relations, the ambassador said that at this moment there is not enough information about the latest incident.
"There are chances that should be used to make progress. The longer the unresolved issues are delayed, the worse things will be," Ambassador Godfrey told Novosti.
According to media announcements, he should be replaced by Christopher Hill, who is a seasoned diplomat, a connoisseur of the region and a close friend and associate of US President Joseph Biden.

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