Bulgaria Nationalists Denounce Euro-Election Result

The deputy chair of Bulgaria's far-right Ataka party, Desislav Chukolov, told the parliament in Sofia on Wednesday that the party may seek the cancellation of the European election results, in which it failed to win seats.

He complained of breaches of election rules by the victorious centre-right opposition Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, led by Boyko Borisov, and the Bulgaria without Censorship party, led by Nikolay Barekov.

Chukolov said both parties ought to be investigated by the Chief Prosecutor.

Ataka said it would take part in Wednesday's no-confidence motion in parliament against the Socialist-led government in order to "expose the lies of GERB".

The Central Electoral Commission has yet to announce the final results of the recount of the ballots. But Borisov's GERB was expected to take six of the 17 seats allocated for Bulgaria in the Strasbourg parliament. With only 3 per cent of the vote, Ataka stands to get none.

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