Black Sea City Varna Flooded, 1 Child Dead, 4 People Reported Missing

Photo: Rostislaw Marinow, Facebook

Heavy rains in Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Varna on Thursday afternoon flooded parts of town, 1 child was found dead and 4 people are reported missing, reports

According to initial report, the child either drowned, or was killed by a lightning. 

The situation is most serious in the district of Asparuhovo, where, according to reports, the floodwaters obliterated the Roma section of the neighbourhood and carried along and upturned hundreds of cars.

According to the city councillor Radoslav Koev, quoted by, Asparuhovo was hit by a flash flood from the ridge above the district. The water flooded homes and public buildings, there are streets and homes swamped in mud. "Most likely there are drowned people," Koev said.

The city boulevards and streets are turned into rivers and the pedestrian underpasses are completely flooded. 

Due to the electrical storm, entire sections of Varna have no electricity, landlines and cell phones in certain areas are out of order. The public transport is also seriously disrupted.

Authorities advise the residents in the lower areas of Varna to climb to higher ground or on the upper stories, as meteorologists warn of more heavy rain tonight.

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