Reformist Bloc Spokesperson Radan Kanev Resigns

Radan Kanev. Photo: BGNES

Radan Kanev, spokesperson of the right-wing coalition Reformist Bloc, resigned from his position. 
In a statement for the media, Kanev, who is also leader of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) and considered an informal leader of the coalition, said the coalition unity was weakened after the European elections and it was hard for its members to agree on a common political stance. “The image of a united multi-party coalition was replaced by an image of a traditional coalition with many and often conflicting interests,” he said.

According to Kanev, the conflicting interests within the coalition were casting a shadow of doubt over the unity of the eventual parliamentary group of the Reformist Block in the future parliament.

“In those circumstances the position of the Reformist Block is formed through private contacts of parts of the party leaderships and GERB and the Reformist Block is overtaken by Boiko Borisov,” Kanev wrote in his statement. “Thus the block cannot achieve its short-term goal to become a true alternative of today's parliamentary parties and to consolidate all voters, who do not accept the rule of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, nor a single-party rule of GERB and Boyko Borisov.”

“I believe it is not too late for the Reformist Block to return on the road we mapped out in July 2013,” Kanev said. “We are the hope of over half a million voters who want a change and a better life for their children. We do not have the right to gamble away their hopes and leave them with no alternative at the parliamentary elections.”

The Reformist Block won a little over 6% of the votes at the European elections and one seat in the European Parliament. Recent polls on the...

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