Boris Popivanov, Political Scientist: 'We Have Very Unstable International Environment'

Let us begin with what, in your opinion, was the most important theme in Bulgaria last week?

In fact, the most important thing last week was that the coalition negotiations were finalized and we have a new coalition government between GERB and the United Patriots. It became clear the distribution of political forces. You know that there was a lot of questions about the place and role of V. Mareshki's party ''Will'' in this configuration - he had great claims at first, but now it became clear that he is ready to support the government for nothing in return.

It became clear also that the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP for Bulgaria) would remain an opposition, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) would also be opposition, but not as hard as they just does not agree with the extreme nationalism of the government. From here, we can conclude that, if the United Patriots dropped out of the government, DPS would not mind supporting a GERB minority government. This will be GERB's backup option.

The past week passed with the handing over  the first term of President Radev and the clarification of the positions; with the presentation of the coalition agreement as well as the priorities of Bulgaria  in the period 2017-2021, from which several conclusions can be made: firstly the application for a four-year mandate, but in this case the most important thing is that GERB will try  administratively to solve the problems that arose in 43th National Assembly.

This is actually the third term of Boyko Borisov. Until now, he has not completed a four-year mandate. Do you think this is possible now? Do you expect anything different or, after our presidency in the EU,  there will be another...

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