Bulgarian Food Safety Agency to Carry Out Extra Inspections Across the Country Ahead of Easter Holidays

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) will carry out extra inspections across the country ahead of Easter and St. George's Day holidays, said the Agency.

The checks will start on 15 April (Monday) and will continue until 6 May 2019. The inspectors will check food production and trading facilities, egg packing centres, food wholesalers and retailers, catering businesses, farmers markets located on the territory of the respective region, focusing on typical foods for these holidays - lamb, kozunaks (Easter bread), eggs, including dyed eggs, fresh vegetables, etc., as well as egg dyes.

This year, for easier identification of the country of origin, meat will be marked in two colours - a blue health mark, if the meat is from a Bulgarian farm, and a blue health mark, if the place of origin of the raw meat is a country other than Bulgaria, even if slaughtered at a Bulgarian slaughterhouse. Markets for live animals will also be subject to intensified checks. 

The BFSA inspectors will also respond to reports on food problems, they can be submitted online or at the BFSA hotline at 0700 122 99. 

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