Bulgaria’s President: Only Legitimate Parliament Can Dismantle Vicious Governance Model

Only the legitimately elected parliament can elect a stable government to begin dismantling the vicious governance model, stated President Rumen Radev at the beginning of his consultations with the Public Council of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The meeting is the third in the series of consultations held by the Head of State with a view to organizing safe elections in the spring of this year.

We remind that two days ago the Head of State held a series of consultations, first with health authorities and then with health experts, as yesterday he also spoke with mayors of small municipalities.

The Head of State pointed out that the consultations are held in order to find a rational way to conduct an election campaign and parliamentary elections that guarantee the right of vote for all people in Bulgaria and abroad since the election will take place in a complicated pandemic environment, which is why people's health must also be guaranteed.

It is extremely important to us that consultations result in the right decisions that ensure high confidence in the electoral process, including health measures, so that there is a satisfactory turnout and a legitimate parliament, Presudent Radev was adamant.

We have to explain to people that they should have confidence in machine voting, it is important to have transparency and reliability in the process of auditing and certifying voting machines, Rumen Radev stressed.

We remind that on 7 December 2020, President Rumen Radev called for the elections to be held in due course and mentioned the date of 28 March

On January 5, 2021, the President began consultations with health authorities on how to hold elections during a coronavirus pandemic. Then he met with the mayors. On January...

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