Yoana Madzharova, Operations Manager at HRS Bulgaria: Finding the Right Managers is Becoming a Real Challenge


Yoana Madzharova is the Operations Manager at the leading recruitment agency in Bulgaria - HRS Bulgaria. She graduated Administration and management at the New Bulgarian University and is certified by Thomas International, Extended DISC and McQuaig psychometric assessment systems.

Madzharova has been working in the HR business for over 12 years, 10 of which have been focused entirely on staff recruitment in various industries. She is experienced in building HR teams, as well as in training young specialists and guiding already established experts in the field.


1. Is there a demand for senior managers in Bulgaria? In which areas?

The pandemic negatively affected the development of the labour market in Bulgaria, which resulted in reduced demand for high-level managers. This was expected, considering the challenges a number of sectors faced and the cautious approach many companies adopted due to the Covid-19 crisis. The only exception are the IT and outsourcing industries, where the number of open management positions has remained high.

We at HRS are still optimistic and expect the demand for managers to increase again with the subsiding of the pandemic and the revival of the operations of the businesses that were most negatively affected.

2. How do you select the right managers that could be successful in their companies?

Finding the right managers is increasingly becoming a real challenge. I don't mean reaching the right candidates, which is fairly quick and easy to do. The more difficult task is to retain these people. Recently, HRS has launched a new service - 360Insights, which achieves up to 96% success in hiring suitable new employees and,...

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