Report Released on Most Likely Version for MiG-29 Crash in June

The investigation of the Military Police Service on the MiG-29 plane accident on June 9, 2021 during tactical exercises of the air defense formations of the Bulgarian Army and aviation formations of the Air Force - "Shabla 2021", in which the pilot Major Valentin died Terziev, reported by the Ministry of Defense.

The Air Accident Investigation Department has formulated in its report three main versions of the reasons led to the plane crash, indicating one of them as the most likely.

Aircraft encounter with the water surface due to loss of spatial orientation by the crew (most likely cause) Aviation equipment failure in flight Destruction of the fighter or damage to the pilot by shrapnel due to the rupture of the missile. According to the Ministry of Defense, the last two versions are very unlikely.

The Minister of Defense is ready to submit the report prepared by the Military Police to the Prosecutor's Office, which is continuing the investigation under the Code of Criminal Procedure.

In 3-4 weeks the recording of the so-called black box in a specialized laboratory of the manufacturer in the Russian Federation.

The Chief of Defense has ordered an assessment of the degree of applicability of the regulatory documents concerning aviation activity in the Air Force to the existing restrictions on air resources.

The necessary measures have been taken to prevent emergencies and the planned flight activity of the fighter aircraft is being restored.

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