Today is a Day of Reflection before Second Round of Presidential Election in Bulgaria

Today is a day of reflection before the second round of the presidential election. On this day, political agitation and the publication of sociological data on the attitudes of voters is prohibited. The ban lasts from 00.00 today to 20.00 on election day on Sunday.

23 presidential candidate couples took part in the first round, but Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova and Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Mitova reached the second round.

How Radev and Gerdjikov Presented Themselves at the Debate - Assessment of Sociologists

There are a total of 7,466 polling stations in the country and 11,874 sections opened. A total of 11,936 machines will be used in the country and abroad for these elections. 9,399 are the sections in which voting will take place with machines in the country. Additionally, second machines are provided in 2,121 sections.

Voting will take place on one machine and with one smart card for both choices. Bulgarian citizens abroad can exercise their right to vote in 751 polling stations in 68 countries. The sections in New Zealand are the first to open. The vote abroad will end at 6.00 Bulgarian time on Monday, November 22, 2021, when the sections in the US states of California, Arizona and Nevada will close.


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