Supreme Court demands blockage on HDP’s election aid

The Supreme Court of Appeals has requested the freezing of the more than 400 million Turkish Liras ($17 million) in treasury aid, which was allocated to the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) for its election campaign, on the grounds that the party did not participate in the May 14 elections.

The HDP, at the risk of being permanently shut down by the Constitutional Court due to its alleged links to the PKK terror group, ran in the May 14 parliamentary polls under the lists of the Green Left Party (YSP).

During election periods, treasury aid is allocated to all political parties for their campaigns. Within this scope, a total of approximately 600 million liras ($26 million) of treasury aid was paid to the HDP this year, with nearly 400 million liras allocated as election assistance.

Now the Supreme Court of Appeals requested the freezing of this assistance, citing that the party did not participate in the May 14 elections from its own lists.

The court previously requested the HDP's accounts paid treasury aid be blocked before the elections.

However, the Constitutional Court, by majority vote, rejected the request.

In the meantime, the trial regarding the closure of the HDP has come to an end, while after the rapporteur of the Constitutional Court prepares the report on the merits of the case, the Supreme Court will make the final decision on the closure request.

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