Mojsilovic meets with new Kfor commander

BELGRADE - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Chief of General Staff Gen Milan Mojsilovic met on Friday in Belgrade with Kfor Commander Maj Gen Ozkan Ulutas, who assumed the post last week.

They discussed the current security situation in Kosovo-Metohija and activities that could be undertaken to improve peace and security in the territory of Serbia's southern province, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

Mojsilovic noted the SAF, in line with UNSC Resolution 1244 and the Military Technical Agreement, saw Kfor as the only legitimate armed formation in Kosovo-Metohija, and said he expected international security forces to take the steps necessary for de-escalation of the situation and protect the Serbian national, cultural and historical and religious heritage.

Mojsilovic noted the significance of SAF-Kfor cooperation established at all levels with a view to...

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