Vučić: On December 17, you choose the future PHOTO/VIDEO

Party President Milo Vuevi and Serbian President Aleksandar Vui spoke at the gathering of the "Aleksandar Vui - Serbia must not stop" list.

Foto: SNS Foto: SNS Vui and the famous basketball player Pero Anti Foto: SNS Vui's address

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, also addressed the crowd.
At the beginning, he thanked those who came to the rally, and he especially thanked the basketball player Pero Antic.
"Pero was never ashamed of his country or his people, and I hope that he will always be with us, just as we will be with him," said Vui.
"I don't know if it's an easy decision, but it's certainly an important decision, you choose your future, you choose the future of your children, your parents," he said.
He said that he did not come to talk about how everything is ideal, but that there are countless problems, but he said that both Jumko and Simpo will have a future.
"I have come to Vranje many times and wondered if we have enough investors," he said and announced that negotiations with a large investor are nearing the end. He pointed out that it is an investment worth 100 million euros, and that 1,500 people will be employed.
"You people are responsible for the highway through Vranje. The most important thing is to strengthen Jumko and Simpo, to bring in an investor. The mammogram arrived at Vladiin Han, it was a shame that it wasn't there. That women couldn't come for treatment, in this way, we will find out everything in time, to take care of our parents and children. Where a woman stops, the family also stops, the state also stops," said Vui.
He said that a stadium will be built in Vranje like in Leskovac, and that he expects a southern derby.
"They didn't leave us anything, they...

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