Ukraine 2023: Who Lost The Battle, And Who Will Win The Great War?

@Wikimedia Commons

We are steadily approaching the beginning of the third year of the war in Ukraine, referred to by the Russian side as a Special Military Operation. Up to this point, we have witnessed a duel between the best weapons and tactics of both Russia and the NATO alliance, unfortunately resulting in hundreds of thousands of fatal casualties on both sides. We have seen numerous sacrifices and the uncompromising struggle of both armies, yet what remains elusive is the current outcome of the battles and any indication of who might emerge as the clear victor in this clash of civilizations, and whether there will ever be one. As things stand currently, the Russian military holds a more advantageous position. Not only have they withstood a six-month offensive by the finest NATO arsenal with almost no loss of captured territory, but they now seem poised to launch their own offensive. However, this does not necessarily signify a definitive outcome, as the scale and stakes in this war are so immense that a single battle cannot alter the course of such a vast conceptual showdown between two opposing sides of our planet. NATO weapons are superior, yet Russia prevails on the battlefield It has been more than thirty years since war correspondents captured the iconic photograph of the best tank in history, the M1 Abrams, towering over the silhouette of a seemingly much smaller and weaker Soviet T72 tank somewhere on the infamous Highway of Death at the border between Kuwait and Iraq, during the renowned Operation Desert Storm in 1991. One is square in shape and has a high-raised top like a bodybuilder on steroids, while the other is small and curved, with a completely burnt-out and lowered top, likely symbolizing the impotence demonstrated by Saddam...

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