In joint statement, W Balkan leaders highlight regional cooperation, EU integration

SKOPJE - In an 11-point joint statement adopted on Monday at a Skopje summit titled The Growth Plan: Western Balkans Meets EU, Western Balkan leaders underscore the "paramount significance of cooperation within the region" and note that an EU Growth Plan represents a "new opportunity to promote the economic and social convergence of our region with the European Union."

"1. Recognising the intricate geopolitical landscape characterised by Russia's aggression against Ukraine and ongoing crises in the Middle East, we, the Leaders of the Western Balkans Six underscore the paramount significance of cooperation within the region and integration with the European Union and commit to the advancement of the four freedoms of movement (capital, goods, services, people) for all our citizens.

2. Acknowledging the significance of the Berlin Process summit's Chair's Conclusions in...

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