Newly founded Greek party adopts European Greens manifesto

Greece has acquired a new political party, the Green-Ecology party, which, at its founding congress in Athens on Sunday, decided to adopt the European Green Party's manifesto ahead of European Parliament elections in June. 

The European Greens voted on their manifesto on February 4 in Lyon, France, calling on the EU to intensify efforts to combat climate change and "achieve full climate neutrality by 2040," a decade earlier than the current EU agreement. 

The newly formed Green-Ecology also vowed to expand collaborations and strengthen the mobilization of environmental protection forces.

The party emerged from the merger of two existing Greek parties, the Greens-Solidarity party and the Ecologists-Greens party, along with figures from the green movement. 

Sunday's founding congress in Athens also determined the party's key political positions, its...

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