EU to investigate Chinese turbine suppliers to wind parks

'Unfortunately, we allowed China to grow its share of global production, so that we could benefit from extremely low prices for Chinese goods,' says European Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager. [EPA]

The European Commission has opened a new investigation into subsidies received by Chinese suppliers of turbines destined for wind parks in Europe, in its latest action against manufacturers of clean tech products in China.

The Commission will look into the conditions for the development of wind parks in Spain, Greece, France, Romania and Bulgaria, European Union Commissioner Margrethe Vestager plans to say in a speech to be delivered on Tuesday.

Vestager did not name the companies concerned in a text of her speech at Princeton University in the United States.

The Commission is already investigating whether to impose tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle imports and says it has evidence showing they benefit from subsidies.

Vestager will say that the EU needs to adopt a more systematic approach, with case-by-case investigations meaning the bloc was "playing...

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