Vucic: World powers support Srebrenica resolution, but we will fight

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday Serbia's chances regarding a UN resolution on Srebrenica were not high as it had the most dominant Western powers against it, but noted that the country would fight.

"I believe it is crucial for people in Serbia that we do our job, and fight in the way we can. Our chances are not high, we have the most dominant world powers from the West against us, and there is nothing much to hide about that. When it comes to a UN General Assembly resolution, they are all sponsors of that resolution - 17 countries, with the exception of New Zealand and Chile," Vucic told the RTS.

He said Rwanda and Germany were the main co-sponsors.

"So, all the other countries - the US, Italy, France, the most developed Western countries - have said they would fight for that resolution. Yes, we have received an official position...

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