Turkish cuisine exhibition opens at Presidential Complex

First lady Emine Erdoğan has inaugurated an exhibition at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, highlighting Aegean cuisine as part of the third edition of Turkish Cuisine Week festivities.

All 81 provinces of Türkiye, along with its overseas representations, are hosting a week-long series of programs spotlighting the unique dishes and local ingredients of Turkish gastronomy.

Addressing the "Meeting Point of Centennial Tastes: Turkish Cuisine in Seven Regions" program at the Presidential Complex, Erdoğan emphasized Türkiye's rich culinary culture, "which has historically brought together people from various backgrounds around a shared table."

In her speech, the first lady underscored the value of having a profound culinary heritage that has influenced many nations throughout history, stressing the universal right to access clean, healthy, local and authentic food.
She pointed to the fertile lands of Anatolia, echoing the necessity to preserve the unique recipes derived from local soil, which have thrived for millennia.

A video presentation showcased the traditional, healthy and sustainable cultural heritage of Turkish cuisine, highlighting its diversity and richness.
Erdoğan also toured booths in the foyer area, featuring 21 European Union registered geographical indication products that contribute value to various fields such as culture, tourism and economy in their respective regions. These booths included iconic items like baklava from the southeastern province of Gaziantep, figs and chestnuts from the Aegen city of Aydın and apricots from Malatya in the country's east.

The exhibition also showcased heirloom seeds passed down from generation to generation, symbolizing a connection between the past and the future....

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