Hamas Claims Capture of Israeli Soldiers

A spokesman for Hamas' armed wing announced that its fighters captured Israeli soldiers during clashes in Jabalia in northern Gaza, though the Israeli military denied this claim, according to reports from Reuters.

The Hamas spokesman did not specify the number of soldiers allegedly captured or provide evidence to support his statement.

"Our fighters lured the Zionist forces into an ambush inside a tunnel... The fighters retreated after leaving all members of the unit dead, wounded, and captured," said Abu Ubaida, the Al Qassam Brigades spokesman, in a pre-recorded address aired on Al Jazeera TV early this morning.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) refuted the claim: "The IDF clarifies that there was no incident in which a soldier was abducted," the military stated.

Hamas released a video showing a bloodied man being dragged through a tunnel, alongside images of a military uniform and a rifle. Reuters has not independently verified the identity or condition of the individual in the video.

Abu Ubaida's remarks came as prospects for a resumption of UN-mediated Gaza ceasefire talks increased. An official familiar with the situation indicated that negotiations might resume next week following a meeting between the head of Israel's Mossad, the CIA chief, and Qatar's prime minister.

The source, speaking anonymously, mentioned that talks would restart based on new proposals from mediators Egypt and Qatar, with active US involvement. However, a Hamas official later denied Israeli media reports of talks resuming in Cairo on Tuesday, stating there was "no date" set.

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