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Private-label products grow

The share of private-label products reached historic highs in the first two months of 2023, with consumers looking for cheaper solutions due to inflation, while their participation in the Household Basket measure has been considerable.

Slowdown of Annual Inflation in Bulgaria to 16% in February

In February, annual inflation in Bulgaria slowed down to a 9-month low of 16.0% compared to 16.7% in January, according to the data of the National Statistical Institute. This is the lowest annual inflation rate since May 2022.

On a monthly basis, however, there was an increase in consumer prices by 0.8% compared to the first month of 2023, when inflation rose by 1.4%.

Annual Inflation in Bulgaria is 16.9%

Annual inflation in Bulgaria is 16.9%, reports the National Statistical Institute.

Monthly inflation for December 2022 is 0.9%, and annual inflation is 16.9%. Inflation is measured by Consumer Price Index (CPI), with monthly inflation for December 2022 compared to the previous month and annual inflation for December 2022 compared to the same month of the previous year.

Bulgaria’s Finance Ministry expects Average Annual Inflation of 12.6%

The average annual inflation is expected to be 12.6%, announced the Acting Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova. She presented the preliminary calculations of the macroeconomic forecast until 2025.

Next year, inflation will slow down to 5.8%, expect from the Ministry of Finance.

EC: Inflation in Bulgaria will reach 12.5%

Inflation in Bulgaria will accelerate to 12.5% in 2022 due to higher energy and food prices and the indirect impact of higher energy prices for businesses on headline inflation. This is what the European Commission predicts for Bulgaria in its summer forecast.

When can Bulgaria Join the Eurozone?

Inflation, measures and how the euro will be adopted - these were the topics that MPs from the Budget Committee in Parliament discussed with economists and experts.

Bulgaria: Over 12% is the Annual Inflation in March

The annual inflation for March 2022 compared to March 2021 in Bulgaria is 12.4%, according to the National Statistical Institute.

The consumer price index for March 2022 compared to February 2022 is 102.2%, i.e. monthly inflation is 2.2%, Inflation since the beginning of the year (March 2022 compared to December 2021) is 5.2%.

Bulgarian Financier and TISP MP: The "Green Certificate" can Slow Down the Economy

One way to deal with high inflation is to support production and introduce tax breaks. Reducing VAT on food will increase collection and brighten the industry. The introduction of a "Green Certificate" at around 20% vaccination is a mistake that can lead to a slowdown in economic development.

Bulgaria: The Price of Sunflower Oil is Expected to Decrease

I expect the price of sunflower oil to fall at some point, because the harvest is very good worldwide. This was announced on the air of Radio Stara Zagora by Vladimir Ivanov, Chairman of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets.

Is Bulgaria In For Higher Staples Prices as Gas Prices Rocket

In the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria" talkshow financier Emil Harsev and economist Stoyan Panchev commented on whether Bulgaria should expect a new leap in the prices of staples due to the appreciation of natural gas.I expect the prices to rise tby over 12 %. Harsev predicted.

Bulgaria is at the Forefront of Gender Equality Ranking in Labor Law

"The world economy today is $ 160 trillion poorer, because women in the world are still not completely equal with men, which I call one of the most expensive problems mankind faces." With these words, World Bank Chief Executive and World Bank President Kristalina Georgieva launched the forum, where the report "Women, Business and Legislation 2019: A Decade of Reforms" was presented, reports Cap