EU Shock: Bulgaria Leads with 22% Wanting Bloc Exit

A recent study conducted by the Foundation for Political Innovation and the Ipsos Institute across 27 EU member states reveals that only 13 percent of citizens express a desire to leave the bloc. Notably, this sentiment spans even among voters of far-right parties.

Interestingly, Bulgaria leads with the highest percentage of citizens, at 22 percent, expressing a desire to exit the EU, followed by the Czech Republic (20%), Austria (19%), and France (18%). Conversely, countries like Portugal (3%) and Lithuania (5%) show significantly lower numbers of citizens wishing to leave.

Among eurozone members, the desire to revert to national currencies is relatively low, with only 8 percent expressing such sentiments. Croatia registers the highest percentage (14%) in this regard, while Portugal records the lowest at 3%. France falls in the middle with 10% of citizens considering a return to their national currency.

Surprisingly, voters of far-right parties overwhelmingly support remaining in the EU and the eurozone. For instance, 66 percent of voters aligned with parties in the Identity and Democracy group favor EU membership, rising to 80 percent among those supporting the European Conservatives and Reformists group.

Regarding Britain's exit from the EU, only 21% of Europeans view it favorably, with 77% expressing openness to the idea of the UK rejoining the EU. Even among Britons, 68 percent now support the notion of returning to the EU fold, highlighting a shift in public opinion.

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