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Supporting Western Balkans’ EU Prospects Won’t Hurt Macron

In the 2019 Eurobarometer, only a third of French respondents - 32 per cent - approved of enlargement, while 58 per cent were against. This was comparable to opinion in Germany or Austria, where 57 per cent were also opposed - but despite that, the governments of these countries strongly favour EU membership for the Western Balkans.

Wet, windy weather expected as of Sunday

Greece's National Meteorological Service (EMY) warned on Saturday of storms and strong winds which are expected to hit the country as of Sunday, starting from the western regions.

New cold snap bringing showers and snow to many parts of Greece

A fresh bout of wintry weather that swept into Greece on Monday and Tuesday has whipped up gale-force winds and brought storm clouds over many parts of the country, and is also pushing temperatures down to single digits and below.

Thunderstorms, snow sweep across country

The National Observatory of Athens' Meteo weather service has forecast thunderstorms and snowfall in several parts of the country, with temperatures dropping into the single digits and below.

Rectors balk over funding

In response to the government's plans to introduce a minimum university entrance grade, the Rectors' Synod on Friday said it will get on board as long as the expected drop in admissions does not affect funding. 

German Ambassador to Skopje Takes Stand on Bulgaria and North Macedonia Dispute

There are good neighborly relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Bulgaria was the first to recognize North Macedonia as an independent state and is a strong supporter of the Europeanization of the whole region, especially as regards the process of rapprochement of North Macedonia with the EU.

EU Top Diplomats Ask North Macedonia’s Prime Minister about Dispute with Bulgaria

The heads of the diplomatic missions of EU Member States in the Republic of North Macedonia, led by EU Ambassador David Gere, at their regular annual meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev showed particular interest in resolving open issues with the Republic of Bulgaria, which resulted in no consensus on the negotiating framework for North Macedonia in Brussels, reports the "Sloboden Pecat", qu

Next phase for growth in lignite areas

The planning for the decarbonization of the areas of Western Macedonia and Megalopoli in the Peloponnese is entering the next stage, where the targets set in the masterplan must become realistic.

Greece warns of ‘stability vacuum’ in W. Balkans, supports EU accession

Greece cannot allow a "stability vacuum" in the Western Balkans that could "easily be filled by other non-European forces supporting extremism and revisionism or aspiring to revive empires that belong to the past" and continues to support their accession to the European Union, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said on Thursday, following a meeting in Athens with his North Macedonia counterpa

Cold front brings end to unseasonably mild weather

A cold front will begin to sweep across Greece on Wednesday night with subzero temperatures in places, according to the latest forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens.

The weather front, which meteorologists have dubbed Leandro, is set to be accompanied by snowfall over parts of the mainland and will last until Monday.

Dendias to meet North Macedonia counterpart

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias will meet with his North Macedonia counterpart Bujar Osmani in Athens on Thursday.

Talks are expected to focus on the western Balkan country's EU accession prospects, while strategies for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic will also be discussed, a statement from the Greek ministry said.