Latest News from Macedonia

Montenegrin Govt Urged to Host Afghan Refugees

Afghan evacuees arrive at Skopje airport in North Macedonia on Tuesday. Photo: EPA-EFE/Georgi Licovski

The NGO activists urged the Montenegrin government to "enable anyone who is on its territory to express their intention and apply for asylum, in accordance with the procedure provided by the [Montenegrin] Law on International and Temporary Protection of Foreign Citizens".

Profit of Slovenian Henkel subsidiaries slightly down last year

Maribor – The two Slovenia-based subsidiaries of German chemical group Henkel recorded a combined EUR 81 million in revenue and over EUR 4 million in net profit last year. While the production company Henkel Maribor saw a slight drop in revenue, the revenue of the sales company Henkel Slovenija increased. Profit was down in both companies.

New Requirements for Entering Bulgaria from September 1

As of Wednesday, September 1, foreign students holding a type "D" visa for long-term residence for study purposes are admitted to the territory of Bulgaria from countries falling into the red zone. This was ordered by the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov with his order issued today.

Covid-19: Bulgaria Has over 2.5 Million Vaccines in Stock

There are nearly 5.5 million doses of vaccines delivered in Bulgaria out of the four approved for use.

This was stated to BNT by Bogdan Kirilov, director of the Executive Agency for Medicines.

He noted that supplies and quantities received were more for mRNA vaccines.

North Macedonia Expels Another Russian Diplomat

North Macedonian authorities have expelled one more Russian diplomat, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday. 

"The information is correct," he said when asked if the country was expelling a Russian diplomat. "Since the information of this sort is confidential, I can't go into much detail."

Bulgaria Signs Join Statement on Civil Order in Afghanistan

Bulgaria on August 16 signed a joint statement saying Afghans and international citizens who want to leave Afghanistan must be allowed to depart and that airports and border crossings must remain open.

Aratos’ mausoleum searched in Soli Pompeiopolis

Archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Soli Pompeiopolis in the southern province of Mersin has focused on uncovering the mausoleum of Aratos, the famous astronomer and poet of the Hellenistic period, to lay bare all its details.


New group of firefighters heading for N Macedonia

Ljubljana – A new rotation of Slovenian firefighters headed for North Macedonia on Tuesday to replace a group of around 50 of their colleagues who have been fighting wildfires in the Berovo area since last week.

The Financial Times writes about the Vučić - Zaev - Rama meeting: "Waiting for Godot"

The leaders of Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia have criticized Brussels for its slow EU enlargement, promising to continue with its own travel zone and business zone while waiting for the bloc to receive them.
"We know that there is fatigue from EU enlargement," Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in an interview.

North Macedonia’s Tarnished Football Icon Gets New Owner

Blue Sky Investment from North Macedonia is taking over the indebted football club FC Vardar from its previous owner, the Russian-born businessman Sergey Samsonenko, the City of Skopje which mediated the negotiations said on Wednesday.

U.S. message: "Pristina has the right not to accept territorial changes, but then..."

It is also said that "if Albin Kurti is not interested in the Washington agreement, then that agreement is dead."
As Bolton points out, the important question is what attitude the Biden administration will take towards the Balkans in relation to Trump, but also that Washington is currently dealing more with domestic issues than with foreign policy.