Latest News from Macedonia

Bulgarians Plan to Travel more in 2019

Bulgarians plan to travel more in 2019, which is an increase of 8% compared to 2018. According to this year's Masterindex poll, 66% of respondents plan to travel outside the country.

Ekaterina Zaharieva Talks with the Foreign Minister of Northern Macedonia

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva discussed the European perspective of the Republic of Northern Macedonia with her colleague Nikola Dimitrov. The two spoke in Helsinki during an informal meeting of the first EU diplomats with their counterparts from the six countries of the Western Balkans.

US ‘Marijuana Don’ Startles North Macedonia with Visit

Legal marijuana mogul Mike Straumietis, also known by his Instagram nicknames Big Mike and the Marijuana Don, posted photos on Wednesday of his meetings with North Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Health Minister Venko Filipce and the mayor of Skopje's Centar municipality, Sasa Bogdanovic.

Bulgaria Continues to Have the Lowest Prices in the European Union

The prices of consumer goods and services in Bulgaria in 2018 were the lowest in the European Union. This shows an analysis of Eurostat. The data in it indicates that Bulgaria has the lowest prices in 6 out of 10 components that have been extensively researched.

Civil protection agency warns of high fire risk in six regions

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection has warned that the risk of wildfires would remain very high on Wednesday in six of the country's regions: Attica, the northern Aegean, the Peloponnese, mainland Greece, western Greece and eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

The agency said it has briefed regional and local authorities to be on standby for fires in those areas.

MPs to Decide Fate of North Macedonia’s Special Prosecution

Parliament on Tuesday begins a debate on the need for a new law governing the work of the country's prosecution that will be key to defining the future status of the Special Prosecution, SJO, which targets high-level corruption.

New Thessaloniki shelter for homeless drug users

Homeless drug users in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, will soon be provided with shelter as part of an initiative by the state-run Organization Against Drugs (OKANA).
According to the plan, drug users will be able to sleep at a short-term hospitality facility where they will also be provided with food and somewhere to have a wash.

High temperatures, strong winds increase risk of wildfires

With temperatures set to reach up to 38 degrees Celsius on Friday in parts and strong winds forecast for much of the country, authorities were on alert for a heightened risk of wildfires. 

Intensive Traffic at Four Border Checkpoints Both for Cars and Trucks

The traffic at Kalotina border checkpoint, Lesovo border checkpoint, Danube bridge checkpoint and Danube bridge 2 checkpoint is intensive. This was reported by DG Border Police. The traffic information at the border checkpoints is from 1 pm.

From Tirana to Skopje

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has funded the construction in a central Tirana park of a memorial commemorating "the martyrs of July 15," a reference to the Turkish citizens who lost their lives in the failed coup of 2016.

12 Companies Want to Participate in Belene NPP Project (Updated)

12 companies have declared their willingness to participate in the tender for the construction of Belene NPP, Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova said at a briefing.

These engagements show that there is interest in the world leaders in nuclear energy, Petkova stressed. Northern Macedonia wants to buy electricity from the future plant.