Latest News from Macedonia

Macedonia Parties Launch Talks on 'Name' Agreement

The vice-president of Macedonia's main ruling Social Democratic Party, Petre Shilegov, on Wednesday confirmed that his parliamentary group has begun talks with its opposition rivals in parliament to persuade them to vote for the historic "name" agreement with Greece.

Bulgaria Defends Decorating Controversial War Veteran Despite Protests

The Defence Ministry has defended the decision to award a 96-year-old member of the pre-World War II Union of Bulgarian National Legions, Dyanko Markov, despite an outcry from Jewish organisations who say he was complicit in the deportation of Bulgarian Jews.

PM receives World Bank official

Brnabic and Van Gelder spoke about structural reforms, economic results, and the implementation of ongoing projects in cooperation with that bank and plans for future cooperation.

Bulgarian Border Police: Very Heavy Truck Traffic at Vidin and Ruse

Sofia. On the checkpoints Danube Bridge-Vidin and Danube Bridge-Ruse, there is very heavy truck traffic to Romania, according to Border Police data as of 1.00 pm. On the border with Turkey, there is heavy truck traffic on Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo from Bulgaria, reports Focus News Agency.

Ukraine and Hungary engage in "diplomatic war"

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry first declared a Hungarian consul in the town of Beregovo a persona non-grata and gave him a deadline of 72 hours to leave the country.

"We hope that the Hungarian side will refrain from any unfriendly steps towards Ukraine in the future, and that its officials will not violate Ukrainian legislation," the ministry said.

Serbs ask Kosovo police to protect their children

This came after a Serbian boy was arrested for defending his brother.

As reported by RTV Kim, in a letter to the police and the representatives of the interim council of the municipality of Orahovac, the parents claim their children are subject of frequent verbal attacks that have now escalated to threats with brass knuckles.

West meddles in Macedonia's internal affairs, says Moscow

They meddled in Macedonia's internal affairs, Russia believes.

"Despite the fact that leading politicians in the EU and NATO member-states openly urged Macedonian citizens to vote in favor, which, we believe is a totally unacceptable practice, all this ended in failure," Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Ukraine expels Hungarian consul

The consul "should leave the country within three days," the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said in a statement.

"We hope that the Hungarian side will refrain from any unfriendly steps towards Ukraine in the future, and that its officials will not violate Ukrainian legislation," a press release, quoted by Sputnik, said.

Macedonia Dismisses Russian 'Threat' to Name Deal

The fate of Macedonia's historic agreement with Greece does not depend on the UN Security Council - where Russia has power of veto - the Macedonian government said on Wednesday, responding to fears that the Kremlin might try to block the deal.

Moving truck catches fire on Egnatia highway

A fire broke out on a truck travelling on a vertical road of Egnatia highway in central Macedonia on Thursday, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

The blaze appears to have started at the vehicle's engine, the news agency said, adding that the driver abandoned the truck in time, without being injured.

Greeks want Athens to withdraw from name deal with Skopje

This is according to a poll carried out after a failed referendum in Macedonia on the same issue.

According to the results, published by the Greek website Proto Thema, 68 percent of Greek citizens also want the government of Alexis Tsipras to call a referendum on the same question in their country.

German CDU Urges Macedonian Opposition to Support Deal

Germany's ruling centre-right party has urged its sister opposition party in Macedonia to support the deal with Greece in parliament - or be politically responsible for blocking Macedonia's integration into the EU and NATO and for isolating the country from Europe.

Turkey says backing FYROM's EU, NATO membership ambitions

Three days after the name change referendum in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said it will continue to back the "friendly" country's efforts to become a member of the European Union and NATO.

"Turkey has recognized the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name since its foundation," the ministry said in a statement.