Latest News from Macedonia

Actress Detained in Drug Smuggling Bust in North Macedonia

One of the best-known TV and theatre actresses in North Macedonia, Silvija Stojanovska, was placed under house arrest on Thursday for alleged connections to a cocaine smuggling ring.

In news that shocked the public, Stojanovska was detained on Thursday evening. The Skopje criminal court later said it had placed her under 30 days of house arrest, on suspicion of illegal drug trading.

North Macedonia, Bulgaria Contenders Shortlisted for Oscar

Photo: Honeyland / Samir Ljuma

"Honeyland" has been shortlisted in two categories, for Documentary Feature Film and also for International Feature Film, formerly known as Foreign Language Film.

Alexander the Bot: The Twitter War for the Macedonian Soul

For Cheese, the ban on "appropriation" of the Classical Hellenic emblem with its distinctive pointy rays was the latest act of surrender in a bitter fight over Macedonian identity.

Greece Mobilizes 400 Guards along the Border with Turkey

The Greek government will send 400 troops to handle the increased migrant flow from Turkey. Thus, the government will strengthen the security along the Evros River, located in northeastern Greece.

"If Kosovo and Albania can, why can't we?"

Puigdemont is on a wanted warrant in Spain for holding a referendum on Catalonia's independence two years ago.
The protests against that referendum came not only from Madrid but also from Brussels.

Row Erupts in North Macedonia over ‘Extortion’ Defendant’s Release

The Appeals Court in Skopje spoke out on Wednesday in defence of judges who approved the conditional release from prison of the country's former chief special prosecutor Katica Janeva, after the prosecutor leading the case threatened to have them investigated for foul play.

Greek, North Macedonia ministers to discuss Skopje’s EU bid

On the sidelines of a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is expected to reassure his North Macedonia counterpart Nikola Dimitrov of Greece's commitment to help reboot the Balkan country's stalled bid to join the European Union. 

Winemakers to get back consumption tax paid for this year

Wine producers will finally get back the tax the previous government had imposed on them until December 2018, but which is still being collected this year.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told producers at Imathia, in central Macedonia, on Friday that the legal clause for that purpose will be included in the tax bill expected to be passed into law in the coming weeks.

Mitsotakis vows to support Zaev if Prespes deal honored

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday essentially offered his support to North Macedonia Premier Zoran Zaev and his country's effort to unstick its stalled bid for European Union accession talks but emphasized that Skopje would have to honor the terms of the Prespes name deal. 

North Macedonia Commemorates Soldiers Killed in Yugoslav Wars

Senior presidential, government and municipal officials, as well as representatives of war veterans, laid flowers on Friday in front of the monument dubbed 'Mother's Broken Wing' in central Skopje in memory of the 54 young Macedonians who lost their lives amid the collapse of the federal Yugoslav state.

Greece unveils Macedonia trademark

Greece has unveiled a new logo and brand identity to be used for all products made in its Macedonia region. The trademark combines a blue-and-white logo with the motto "Macedonia the Great" - a reference to ancient warrior king Alexander the Great.