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New protest in Greece over Macedonia name deal

A vote has been scheduled in the Greek parliament for Friday to ratify the Prespa Agreement, changing the name of Greece's neighbor to the north from "the Republic of Macedonia" to "the Republic of North Macedonia."

Dacic responds to Pacolli: Serbia's only weapon is truth

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic said this for Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

He thus reacted to the assertion of Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli that he had "knowledge" of Belgrade "promising financial support and arms" to some smaller countries in return for revoking their recognition of Kosovo.

Greek Opponents Of Macedonia Name Deal Call For Protests Starting Thursday

UrduPoint News / Sputnik The Pan-Macedonian Confederation has announced rallies, starting Thursday, against Greece's deal with Macedonia to change the Balkan nation's name.

A debate on the pact that will rename the neighboring state to the Republic of North Macedonia will begin in parliament on Wednesday and conclude with a vote on Thursday evening.

Political battle rages in Greece for the center ground

With the disagreements over the Prespes agreement taking a heavy toll on the smaller parties in Parliament, ruling SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy are set to vie for the void left behind in the so-called center ground.

"First country's name, then status of Macedonian church"

Patriarch Neofit said this for the website.

"When these details around the name of Macedonia have been clarified, the issue of the church will certainly be launched," Neofit said.

At the same time, he announced that the Bulgarian Church will discuss the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church and assessed that this is an important issue.

Tesla Makes Charging Stations in the Balkans, but Ignores Bulgaria

Some time ago, Tesla promised that in 2019 it will cover the whole of Europe with its supercharging charging stations to extend "from Ireland to Kiev (Ukraine), from Norway to Turkey." The expansion of Musk's company is mainly focused on Central and Western Europe, where dozens of similar facilities already exist, but it also covers the Balkans.

Greek MPs to vote on Macedonia name deal: ANA

The Greek parliament will vote late Jan. 24 on a deal to change Macedonia's name to the Republic of North Macedonia, the Athens News Agency reported.

Process of Ratification of the Name of Macedonia Begins

In the Greek Parliament, the ratification procedures of the Prespa agreement with Skopje are underway.

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters outside parliament on Sunday (20 January) as tens of thousands of Greeks rallied in Athens to protest ahead of a parliamentary vote to ratify a name deal with Macedonia due this week, reported Euroactive.

Theoharopoulos keeps cards close to chest on possible move to Potami

Amid speculation about his possible move to centrist Potami following his ejection from the Movement for Change (KINAL) coalition, Thanassis Theoharopoulos held his cards close to his chest on Monday, commenting that he has a "good relationship" with Potami and its leader Stavros Theodorakis.

Centrist Potami MP Giorgos Amyras quits, stripping party of status as parliamentary group

Centrist Potami MP Giorgos Amyras resigned on Monday to become an independent, citing differences with the party's leadership on the Macedonia name issue and stripping the party of its status as a parliamentary group. 

Amyras's departure reduced the party's representation in Parliament to four -- below the minimum of five required for an elected party to be represented in Parliament.

Driven by emotions and slogans

For many years our main concern was to prove a given, namely the Greekness of ancient Macedonians, driven by the delusion that this would have an effect on the international stage. In other words, we thought that it would convince third countries not to recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as "Macedonia" and curb accusations of chauvinism against Greece.

Protest against Prespes deal underway

The protest against the deal renaming the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) North Macedonia is underway outside the Greek Parliament.

There was a scuffle with police a few minutes ago, as protesters tried to scale the steps leading to the Parliament. Police used tear gas to repel them.

A solution that is not harmful to Greece

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's Parliament has ratified the Prespes accord and incorporated the key provisions in the country's constitution.

Greece prepares massive print run on deal with FYROM

Greece's government is to print tens of thousands of copies of an agreement to normalize relations with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), to inform the public ahead of a parliamentary debate on ratifying the deal.