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Top Astrologists: What Stars Say about 2021

Two in one. In a nutshell this is the characteristic of the period in which we live, according to the best political astrologers in the world. Ukrainian Konstantin Daragan and Russian with German passport Pavel Globa, who have proven themselves over the years with some of their most accurate predictions, have already published their forecasts for 2021.

Year in Pictures: 2020 in the Balkans and Central Europe

BIRN presents its selection of photos of some of the events and processes that marked a difficult year.

Battle Goes on With Deadly Virus

A medical worker wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attends a patient at the Covid-19 hospital in Belgrade, Serbia, 18 December 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/MARKO DJOKOVIC.

Holiday Traffic Jams along Balkan Borders Despite Restrictions

Balkan citizens leaving Western Europe to go home for the holidays created huge traffic jams at border crossings Saturday despite coronavirus restrictions that seek to discourage travel over Christmas and New Year's.

Bulgarian Diplomat: Russia Is Interested in Delaying N Macedonia's EU Accession

Expulsion of one diplomat does not mean reduction of their number. There will be a new military attache and new spies will be sent to Bulgaria, explained diplomat Milen Keremedchiev on Nova TV in connection with the Russian diplomat expelled from the country for espionage. There are two reasons why.

PM postpones western Macedonia tour

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had to call off a mini-tour of western Macedonia on Saturday.

His office said the trip was canceled due to dense fog that would have prevented the prime minister's airplane from landing at Thessaloniki airport.

Gov't considering stricter local lockdowns

There are 11 areas in Greece close to "red alert" status due to the rising rate of coronavirus infections and the government is considering tighter local lockdowns, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said Wednesday.

Apart from the Western Attica regional unit, all others are in central and northern Greece.

EU prospects: Green light for Western Balkans, red for North Macedonia and Albania?

The annual conclusions of the EU Council on Enlargement, Stabilization and Association of the Western Balkans are on the agenda of the ambassadors of the member states who will discuss this issue in the afternoon.
The conclusions were previously blocked by Bulgaria, which primarily vetoed the negotiating framework for North Macedonia.

Last Despatches: News Team Killed the Day After Kosovo War Ended

It was June 13, 1999, and Uli Reinhardt, a photojournalist from the German news magazine Stern was due to meet his colleague Gabriel Gruener at 6pm in the southern Kosovo city of Prizren.

But Gruener would never arrive for the meeting, and could not be contacted by mobile phone because Kosovo's telecommunications system had been damaged in the war.

Getting others to understand us

We Greeks tend to believe that just because we know we're right about something, everyone else should as well. But it is a big world we're living in, with dozens of disputes and problems. What happens in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean is important to us, but not necessarily to anyone else beyond a group of politicians, diplomats and experts.