Latest News from Macedonia

"Trump says suspend taxes on Serbian goods; US matters more"

The fees in question, increased by Pristina by 100 percent last November, target goods from central Serbia and from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the measure has brought the EU-mediated Kosovo dialogue to a standstill, as Belgrade insist on the removal of this trade barrier.

Tsipras dividing Greeks, says opposition leader

Main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has criticized Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for describing protesters at a recent mass rally against the name deal between Greece and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as "far right populists."

The Greek premier reportedly made the remarks during a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron in Nicosia on Tuesday.

"Putin's next playground or EU's last moral stand?"

This is according to Ivan Krastev, the chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In an opinion piece penned for the New York Times, Krastev adds that "Europe's ideological rigidity is admirable, but it is also partly responsible for the region's paralysis."

Former leader Jankovic no longer member of opposition PSG

In an email sent to the PSG he congratulated the new leadership and their new political path - stating that this was not also his path.

"That's not my path, while my heritage should not be a burden to him. Therefore I am leaving the membership of the movement," Jankovic's message read.

Relations with China at historic high

Vucic on the occasion expressed his confidence that her tenure in Belgrade would leave"a special mark on the steely Sino-Serbian friendship," Tanjug reported, citing a a press release from the president's office.

Chen, who presented her credentials to Vucic, conveyed to him the greetings of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Traffic at Lesovo and Ruse

As of 6.00 am, there is heavy truck traffic on Lesovo and Danube Bridge Ruse border checkpoints, at exit from the country, Border Police said. On the borders with Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, there is normal traffic on all crossings.

EU official urges FYROM leaders to focus on reforms

A European Union official is urging leaders in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to focus on reforms necessary for the country to join the bloc, after Greece ratified a deal ending a nearly three-decade long dispute over use of the name "Macedonia."

New Transparency Report Gives Balkan Countries Poor Scores

Transparency International's new report on perceived levels of public-sector corruption says Balkan countries are seen as highly corrupt and all of them have below-average ratings.

Albania has the worst score of the Balkan states, closely followed by Kosovo and Macedonia.

Greek and Macedonian PM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

According to the Greek City Times, Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev are in the running for his prestigious award thanks to the signing of the Prespa Agreement.

The agreement, signed in June 2018, renames the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (whose constitutional name was "the Republic of Macedonia)") into "the Republic of North Macedonia."

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic at Kapitan Andreevo

There is heavy truck traffic on Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, at exit from the country, according to Border Police data as of 6.00 am. On the borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Romania, there is normal traffic on all checkpoints.

FYROM bonds benefit from name deal sealing

Investors piled into bonds of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on Monday after Greek lawmakers approved a name change accord which is seen paving the way for the Balkan country to join NATO and possibly the European Union, making it the region's latest turnaround story.