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Eurovision Song Contest Sparks High Emotions in Sofia and Skopje

The Eurovision song contest has further increased tensions between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Sofia expressed "bewilderment" at the hate speech campaign taking place in North Macedonia against the country's own Eurovision 2021 contender, Vasil Garvanaliev.

Balkan Countries Lacking Vaccines Look to Neighbours for Jabs

Serbia, champion of the vaccination process in the Balkans, has donated thousands of jabs to its neighbours, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Albania recently started doing the same, helping Kosovo, the only country in the region that did not start its vaccination process at all.

German MP who Lobbied for North Macedonia’s Ousted Regime Resigns

Tobias Zech, a legislator from the centre-right Christian Social Union, CSU, the ruling party in Bavaria and sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU, has quit after Germany's Spiegel revealed that he lobbied for Nikola Gruevski's ousted authoritarian regime in North Macedonia in 2016.

IQAir Report:Romania - 15th in rankings of most polluted countries in Europe; Bucharest - 51st worldwide

Romania ranked 15th in the rankings of the most polluted countries in Europe in 2020, and the capital city of Bucharest ranked 51st in the world in this regard, in a hierarchy led by Delhi, India, reveal the latest data centralized in the global platform on air quality IQAir, informs Greenpeace Romania, in a release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday.

North Macedonia Detains Magnate Kamcev, Citing Suspected Escape Plans

North Macedonian law enforcement has placed the businessman Orce Kamcev in 30 days' detention in Shutka prison near Skopje, on the request of the Organised Crime Prosecution, which said there was a risk he might flee the country.

The prosecution on Sunday said it requested his detention after receiving "info from the National Security Agency that he might be preparing an escape".

N.Macedonia Heads to Eurovison Song Contest with "Bulgarian Flag"

Vasil Garvanliev from Strumica with the song "Here I stand" will represent Northern Macedonia at this year's Eurovision edition in Rotterdam.

The Bulgarian tricolor can be seen in the video of the artist, but nowhere in the video becomes clear  that it is a singer from Northern Macedonia, according to the Skopje-based electronic edition MakPress writes.

Bulgaria’s Fragmented Opposition Hopes to Ride Wave of Discontent

The election will pose a major test of the ruling coalition after much criticism and last year's mass protests against corruption, shrinking media freedoms and questionable populist moves, such as the decision to block North Macedonia's progress towards EU membership.

Albanian PM Sparks Outrage, Saying COVID-19 Patients Can’t Vote

Albanian Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama has outraged human rights organisations with a recent claim that patients with COVID-19 should "continue to stay at home" for the April 25 elections and not try to vote.

Bulgarian National Television Now Available in North Macedonia

Channel BNT4 of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) is now available in North Macedonia.

Yesterday, the special representative of the country in the history dispute with Bulgaria Vlado Buchkovski was the first to announce this.

Clashes Erupt at North Macedonia Protest Against Terror Verdict

Thousands of ethnic Albanians took to the streets of Skopje on Friday for a "protest for justice", demanding freedom for the five ethnic Albanians who were sentenced to prison on Tuesday for the 2012 murders of five ethnic Macedonians.

As of this morning, Serbia is ahead of the United States of America PHOTO

When it comes to the number of revaccinations, Serbia is the first in Europe and the fourth in the world, has learned.
For the sake of comparison, Serbia has more revaccinated citizens in absolute numbers than Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Albania.

Dragu: Possibility of opening direct air route between Bucharest and Skopje, considered

Bucharest, Feb 22 /Agerpres/ - Senate President Anca Dragu said on Monday that the possibility of opening a direct air route between Bucharest and Skopje will be considered, when the epidemiological context allows the relaunch of air transport at an optimal capacity. Anca Dragu had a meeting with Gabriel Atanasov, the ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia to Romania.