Kosovo Mother Reunited with Son taken to Syria

Over three months after his father took him to the Syrian warzone, eight-year-old Erion was reunited on Wednesday night with his distraught mother, Pranvera Zena, at Pristina Airport.

"It feels like a dream," she told AP news agency after the reunion. "It feels as if I am waking up and I fear he's still not there."

"Pranvera and Erion need some time together after three months of dread," a post on the Facebook page, "Bring back our boy," set up by Erion's family, reads.

The drama began in July when Erion's father, Arben, said he was taking the child for a weekend trip in the Rugova mountains in western Kosovo.

Instead, he took him to Syria, where he joined the fight raging there.

Zena said was shocked when she got an SMS from Arben telling her where they had gone. She told Kosovo's public television that she was "willing to do anything", if her son could be returned to her.

In an open letter sent to her husband, Zena recalled that the family had been happy until Arben tried to convince her to wear the Islamic hijab.

"I am aware that our life had good and bad days, especially since you started practicing religion and tried to convince me to cover myself," she wrote.

The Kosovo Intelligence Agency, acting with the support of the Turkish intelligence service, brought the boy back home.

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said the agency was tasked with locating him in Syria and bringing him back.

"We are happy to learn that the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, after having been authorized to conduct the operation for Erion's safe return, has successfully completed this mission," Thaci wrote on his Facebook account.

"I would also like to thank the Turkish intelligence service (MIT)...

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