Over 85 percent of Czechs are against euro - poll

Over 85 percent of Czechs are against the idea of replacing the koruna with the euro, according to a poll by Datamar before parliamentary elections.

"In Czech society, a negative outlook on the republic's entry into the eurozone prevails. A total of 85.2 percent of respondents said they were against, while 51.2 percent of them expressed their categorical reluctance. The adoption of euro is supported by 14.8 percent of respondents, but only 4.6 percent of them are absolutely sure about that," said the pollsters, who carried out the survey in October ahead of the parliamentary elections.

The Czech koruna has become the world's top performing currency against the US dollar, strengthening over 10 percent against the greenback in the last 52 weeks. The koruna has appreciated more than four percent year-to-date, the most of all currencies in the world, ahead of the...

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