"Example of unique and exemplary civic courage"

These soldiers, serving with Nazi Germanys Waffen SS, very likely took part in atrocities, including the mass murder of Jews, the report said.

Zuroff praised the determination of the National Archives of Finland to release the results, even if they were "painful and uncomfortable" for that country, and said it was "an example of unique and exemplary civic courage."

The report has more than 248 pages and is written in English. It was published last Friday.

It said that 1,408 Finnish volunteers served with the SS Panzer Division Wiking during 1941-43, "most of them 17 to 20-years-old," AP reported.

"It is very likely that they (Finnish volunteers) participated in the killing of Jews, other civilians and prisoners of war as part of the German SS troops," said Jussi Nuorteva, director general of the National Archives.

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