As some in the US question NATO, Greece invests in the alliance

NATO is celebrating its 70th anniversary, yet it is an odd birthday, as the person currently occupying the position of natural figurehead of this international family - as presidents of the United States have essentially shaped it and raised it over the decades - appears to be questioning whether it still has a raison d'etre.
Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his annoyance at the behavior of other member-states, going so far as to challenge the alliance itself in tacit or overt actions and words. He is the first American president to believe - and say so publicly - that NATO is of more service to Europe than it is to the United States.
However, the often-unpredictable Trump is not alone, as the American people are also starting to show the first signs of skepticism about the alliance. The Republican and Democratic leaderships may believe in its necessity, but the...

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