ND gained citizens' trust due to 'different ethos, style,' Mitsotakis says

Addressing his shadow ministers in a meeting on Monday following New Democracy's victory in European Parliament elections, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Greeks had backed ND due to its "different ethos and style" as well as its proposed economic program.

"Citizens put their trust in us not only for our basic promises, to reduce taxes and to create good jobs and security for all, but for another ethos and style of power," he said.

He said ND had good reason to be satisfied, predicting that ND would secure eight MEP seats.
ND is the most fortified party in the European People's Party, he added, noting that it was "non-negotiable" for the EPP to seek the presidency of the European Commission.

As for ND's strategy in Sunday's elections, he said it was clearly the correct approach. "We showed that a center-right party can marginalize the far-right and still broaden...

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