Iohannis: Strengthening Romanian-Polish Strategic Partnership highlights states' special relationship, commitment to contribute to regional security

The further strengthening of Romania's Strategic Partnership with Poland highlights the special relationship and firm commitment to contribute to regional security, says President Klaus Iohannis in a message conveyed on Wednesday at the international Conference "One People, Two Flags" dedicated to the centennial of the Romanian - Polish defensive alliance held at the Romanian Embassy in the Republic of Poland. The head of the state recalls that the conclusion, in 1921, of the Romanian-Polish defensive alliance was the first collective security project at regional level and the first strategic partnership with Poland. "The conclusion of the Alliance also marked the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. In the spirit of this friendship and of international humanitarian law, in the autumn of the tragic year 1939, Romania contributed to the rescue of the Polish National Treasure and ensured refuge and transit through its territory for about 100,000 Poles, including senior Polish leaders, such as President Ignacy Moscicki and Foreign Minister Jozef Beck," Iohannis notes. "Today, through the Strategic Partnership concluded between Romania and the Republic of Poland in 2009 and renewed in 2015, we continue what our forerunners have begun 100 years ago on the way to developing dialogue and coordination between the two states, as a natural reflection of a long history of joint approaches and actions. We are today what our forefathers would probably have wanted us to be. Our states share common values and ideals, are well integrated, and align their interests in regional and global cooperation structures and frameworks. We will keep on setting an example for Europe and the world in terms of respect and cooperation for the fulfillment of aspirations for peace, harmony and prosperity for the benefit of our countries and citizens. The dynamic political and diplomatic dialogue, as well as the substantive economic and sectoral cooperation represent the foundations of the Strategic Partnership, and strengthening it highlights both the special relationship between the two states and their firm commitment to contribute to regional security," reads the President's message delivered by presidential advisor Andrei Muraru. President Iohannis adds that the concrete commitments and the coordination undertaken by Romania and Poland have resulted in an extended bilateral interaction, through landmark strategic regional constructions - the Bucharest Format (B9) and the Three Seas Initiative, which - he says - will be strengthened in the future. Against this background, Iohannis underscores the importance of the recent visit to Romania of Polish President Andrzej Duda and of his co-hosting the Bucharest Format Summit. "The Bucharest format has reaffirmed the role of our countries in achieving major concrete objectives towards strengthening NATO's Eastern Flank, both in its northern and southern dimensions, in line with Romania and Poland's contribution to promoting and ensuring security and stability in the region. In an extremely complex regional and global context, we will take vigorous and firm action to strengthen EU cohesion and NATO solidarity, as well as to support neighboring states in their efforts of rapprochement to the European values and models. In the spirit of the Convention concluded 100 years ago, our states will coagulate their energy, strength and determination to ensure the prosperity and security of the European and Euro-Atlantic community. The times to come require strong partners and effective coordination, and Romania and Poland are looking shoulder to shoulder at the dawn of tomorrow, with faith in the values and the principles that have brought us close a century ago and that continue to hold us together," Iohannis concludes his message.AGERPRES(RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)

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