Vučić: "I just heard the most beautiful thing for Jagodina"

"Fischer automotive systems" opens a factory for the production of parts and accessories for high-class cars, the Assembly of the City of Jagodina told Tanjug.
Vui says that this is a great thing for us. "We will still have to try to provide jobs for all people who want to work. The more German companies come, the better," he said.
Jagodina and the entire Pomoravlje region have a good future, said Vui.
"Whenever I open a factory, I can't hide my satisfaction, because you live and work for that," said Vucic. Today, 70.000 people work in German companies in Serbia, he said. "I just heard the best thing for Jagodina, if you heard Professor Fischer well, they are thinking of placing the dowel factory not only in Serbia, but here in Jagodina," he said. He said that Serbia would offer 10 times better conditions for that than the others.
Vui also said that he expects a growth rate of over 6 percent, and he hopes that it will be 7 percent. Fischer Automotive Systems has opened a factory for the production of parts and accessories for high-class cars.
"It is not a small thing for Germany to recognize you, that today over 65.000 Serbs work in German factories," said the president of the Assembly of Jagodina, Dragan Markovic Palma. By the end of the year, 400 people will be employed, said Markovic. Markovic said that the decision was made for Professor Fischer to become an honorary citizen of Jagodina because he came to this city to build a factory.
According to Markovic, in the next period, a decision will be made for the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, to become an honorary citizen of Jagodina.

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