The Taliban are holding Americans hostage at the airport?

It is not clear why the Taliban do not allow people to fly to the rescue, and the official explanation is that the planes are full of Afghans who do not have passports and visas, and that is the only reason why they cannot leave the country.
However, an official of the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the AP that American citizens are also sitting in the planes, so the Taliban are holding them hostage.
"No, they don't let them leave the airport. I'm afraid they will demand something for them. Either money or recognition of the Taliban government in Afghanistan," Republican Michael Macol told Fox News Sunday.
However, one member of the Taliban, who wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the topic, said that all passengers were accommodated in hotels and were waiting for the decision of the authorities on whether they could leave the country.
He says that papers are an issue of dispute, i.e. the fact that passengers do not have travel documents.

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