Su-27 launched an attack on Russian air defense, S-400 Triumph "eliminated threat"

The focus of the exercises was to improve their ability to defend against enemy air attacks.
The exercise involved the surface-to-air missile regiment of the Fleet Air Defense Formation, with teams operating the S-400 Triumph systems practicing response strategies after receiving a warning about an imagined violation of airspace by an "enemy" Su-27 aircraft.
Upon receiving a warning about intruders, launchers were deployed and continued to detect, identify and track targets before marking them with the S-400 air defense systems, the statement explains.
During the final phase of the exercise, the teams operating the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems performed training (electronic) missile launches. Data recording equipment confirmed that all listed air targets were effectively eliminated.
The military exercises were conducted in the westernmost Russian exclave of the Kaliningrad region. Due to its strategic location, the Kaliningrad Oblast serves as the primary base for the Baltic Fleet and is therefore home to a significant number of land and air forces.
These forces protect the Kaliningrad region and extend Russia's air and sea capabilities to operate from the coast, to the Baltic Sea and the region.
For a long time, NATO military planners have expressed concern about the strategic location of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Located between Poland and Lithuania, this thorn in the side of the West, with less than half a million inhabitants, is an integral part of the Russian security infrastructure of the Baltic Sea region.

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