Are the Russians planning a disaster?

Russian forces are blasting the workshops of the factory located in Armyansk, on the northern part of that Black Sea peninsula, which Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed to Russia in 2014, according to GUR. Ukraine has promised to take back Crimea in a counter-offensive.
"In the temporarily occupied Armyansk, in the north of the Crimean peninsula, the Russians are preparing for the evacuation of both representatives of the occupation administration and the local population," the statement said.
The GUR also stated that as a result of the destruction of Nova Kakhovka last week and the lack of water in the North Crimean Canal, production processes at the Crimean Titan factory in Armyansk were "disrupted to a critical level."
"The Russians consider it impossible to resume operations at a minimum acceptable level. Within the temporarily occupied area of Armyansk, reports are circulating about the potential closure of the Crimean Titan facility," GUR reported.
"The terrorist attack on the Crimean Titan, for which the Russian invaders are preparing, will mean a man-made disaster, terrible in its consequences," warns the Ukrainian intelligence agency.

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