Security Information Agency chief Aleksandar Vulin resigns

BELGRADE - Security Information Agency (BIA) Director Aleksandar Vulin announced on Friday he had tendered his irrevocable resignation from the post because the US and the EU wanted his "head as a precondition for not imposing sanctions on Serbia."

"I am not the cause of the blackmailing and the pressure on Serbia and the Serb World, but I will not allow myself to become the pretext for the blackmailing and pressure on Serbia and the Serb World," Vulin said in a statement.

He said Serbia and President Aleksandar Vucic were facing threats and blackmails that could be compared only to the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum of 1914.

"They want us to recognise Kosovo, to abandon Republika Srpska and to stop being a sovereign country and nation by imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation. If we were to agree to do that, the next step would be banishment of Chinese...

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