Vučić: "We will bring the most powerful foreign universities to Serbia" PHOTO

He spoke about all current topics.
Vui began his address by talking about the visit of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.
"He is the most intelligent man I have ever met. He told me why he didn't think artificial intelligence would be dominant so soon. They have to be reporters and journalists, but a man has to be an editor. He created modern computers. His arrival in Serbia is changing Serbia's position on that map. We mostly talked about education. We will invest much more money in education. We will bring the most powerful foreign universities to our country," Vui began.
"Education was a key topic and I believe that we will have great support from Wozniak. We are expecting the visit of another great man, and then we will have some additional ideas. That is what is important for Serbia." The president revealed that our famous athlete Janko Tipsarevi got in touch with Wozniak.
He also thanked the famous actor Ralph Fiennes for promoting Serbia.
According to him, there are more and more investments from Asia, primarily China and Japan, and he thanked the Japanese ambassador for that. He also said that an increasing number of investors are from South Korea.
"It remains to strengthen the Emirates, India, work with other Asian investors. We will attract more and more of those countries from the east in the future," he said.
"The more investment there is from different parties, the higher salaries and pensions will be. The average salary by the end of the year will be between 820 and 830 euros. Pensions will be higher by 14.8 percent, while the minimum wages will be increased to over 47,000 dinars. Salaries will be increased by 10 percent. In May, June or July, we can go for an additional increase, but in particular we will go...

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