The devilish plan of Vladimir Putin

Let us remind you that about a month ago, Finland decided to close its borders with Russia due to what they believe was a deliberate influx of migrants from Russia. Finland considers this to be Russia's revenge for its membership in NATO.
As "Bild" writes, now it seems that Russia is doing the same thing again, only in another part of Europe. According to the largest German newspaper, Russia has founded a new airline in Turkey, and the intention is to organize the flow of refugees to Europe through that NATO country and thereby cause chaos on the continent.
Polish security authorities specifically warn of "a new, organized invasion of refugees via Russia and Belarus", writes "Bild".
One of the airlines identified in that operation is the Turkish "Southwind", reports Blic. On Friday, the Belarusian authorities also announced that the company will start flying between major cities in Turkey and Belarus. The Belarusian "Belavia" also flies between the two countries. The airline is nominally Turkish, not subject to EU sanctions and can therefore fly directly between Istanbul and Minsk.
But "Southwind" is primarily portrayed as an airline that, at abnormally low-ticket prices, will transport migrants from Turkey to Belarus, who will then be sent on to the European Union, according to
According to Bild, it is an airline that is controlled from Russia, although its headquarters are in Turkey. Three of its planes and most of its staff come from Nordwind Airlines, a Moscow-based Russian airline whose planes are banned from western skies, the newspaper said. By establishing a new airline in Turkey, Russian planes can fly to Minsk within EU airspace, avoiding the need to bypass Russia.
"Bild" states that the Russians founded ...

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