Kremlin: Unprecedented pressure is being put on Serbia

When asked by the media how Moscow comments on the Serbian President's statement that Belgrade will find itself in an even more difficult position after the death of Alexei Navalny, since even greater pressure is expected, Peskov replied that he did not know the exact context of the Serbian President's statement, but that "Belgrade is constantly under pressure that is largely unprecedented."
Vui, let's recall, said in recent days that he does not want to get into what happened with Alexei Navalny, because he is not an investigative body, but today he once again confirmed that Serbia will not impose sanctions on Russia, because, as he explained, "we know what it's like when sanctions are imposed on you".
"The Russian people are friendly towards us and it would be unfair to do that," Serbian leader concluded.
Today, Belgrade is the only European center that has not introduced any sanctions against Moscow, he repeated.

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