Lajcak: Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to continue on Thursday

BRUSSELS - The EU special envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue Miroslav Lajcak confirmed on Monday discussions following Pristina's decision to ban the Serbian dinar would be continued in Brussels on Thursday, April 4, and expressed the hope "the remaining difference" would be bridged.

"The two Parties will be back in Brussels this week and I hope that we will be able to bridge the remaining difference on Thursday," Lajcak wrote in a Facebook post.

"On Monday, I hosted the Chief negotiators of Kosovo, Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi, and Serbia, Director Petkovic, in Brussels to continue our discussions on finding a workable solution for the people impacted by the decision of the Kosovo Central Bank. All in all, it's been a useful meeting. Both Parties had the chance to explain their ideas and positions. In the end, we concluded that another meeting will be needed,...

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